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Solwise Minimal Power over Ethernet Injector and Splitter

  • PoE Injector for use with power supply purchased separately
  • PoE Splitter, normally to be used paired with the injector


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PoE injector (for use with power supply purchased separately). Fitted with 5.5/2.1mm DC socket

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PoE splitter (normally to be used paired with the injector above) Fitted with 5.5/2.1mm DC plug


The Solwise POEADAPT is available in two forms, as a PoE injector (POEADAPTSKT) and as a PoE splitter (POEADAPTPLG). Both forms perform different actions but can be used together to supply DC power to distant non-PoE equipment, which is extremely useful in situations where non-PoE equipment such as access points, IP cameras and antennas have to be mounted in positions that are unreachable from regular AC outlets.

The ADAPTSKT acts as a 100Mbps passive POE injector, taking in any 2.1mm DC input from a separate 9v - 48v PSU and outputting it as PoE power for any PoE compliant device.

The ADAPTPLG acts as a 100Mbps passive POE splitter, taking in a combined data+power input from an ethernet cable via PoE (9v - 48v) and subsequently separating and outputting that data+power through an ethernet lead and a 2.1mm DC socket.

This injector uses pins 1/2 and 3/6 for data transmission and pins 4/5 and 7/8 for power. Read our PoE white paper for more information on Power-Over-Ethernet technology.