ANT-5159-18D25 ANT-5159-18D25 In situ rearview Antenna Connectors Mounting kit options included




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ANT-5159-18D25 - Outdoor 5GHz MiMo 18dBi directional antenna

  • Outdoor directional antenna
  • 18dBi gain
  • Frequency - 5100~5800MHz
  • N Type Socket connector
  • Pole mounting kit included

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The ANT-5159-18D25 is an 18dB dual-polarised panel antenna, capable of broadcasting an extremely strong 5GHz signal across a great distance to a single point, such as a wireless client device or a second receiving antenna.
Fitted with an N-Type socket connector, this antenna is typically used in conjunction with 5GHz WiFi access point and bridging type devices to establish long range wireless bridges, since its 25° beamwidth means its wireless coverage follows a very narrow path.
This antenna has a length of 216mm and comes with its own pole mounting kit for easy installation.
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Frequency 5100~5800MHz
Gain  18dBi
VSWR  ≤1.5
3dB Beam-Width  25°(H)/15°(E) 
Polarisation  Vertical & Horizontal 
Upper Side Lobes  >13 dB (V Port) , >10 dB (H Port) 
Front to Back Ratio  >25 dB 
Port to Port Isolation  >35 dB 
Maximum Input Power  100W
Impedance  50 Ω
Lightning Protection  DC Grounded  
Connector  N Socket
Antenna Dimension  216×216×25 mm 
Weight 1.2Kg
Radome Material  UV Protected ABS 
Mounting Mast Diameter  Ø40~Ø60 mm 
Operating Temperature  -40° C to +65° C