NET-WL-ANT5158-18DP Internal: 2 x iPAX connectors Internal NET-WL-ANT5158-18DP




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ANT5158-18DP - Outdoor 5GHz Panel Antenna

  • Outdoor dual polarised panel antenna/enclosure
  • Frequency - 5150~5850MHz (11a, Band A, B, C)
  • 18dB gain
  • 2 x iPAX connectors


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The ANT5158-18DP is a 5Ghz outdoor wireless antenna that also acts as a waterproof enclosure if needed. It's a dual-polarised panel-style antenna with an 18dB gain that renders it very precise and directional, excellent for long-range point-to-point links so long as there is clear line-of-sight with no obstructions. It can also be used to extend a router's WiFi locally, though it's directional nature means it's not very suited for this.

This panel antenna can be opened up and used as an enclosure for things like indoor routers and Access Points that need to be located very close to the antenna itself but aren't suited for being outdoors. This makes it very flexible when it comes to mounting as it doesn't necessarily need to be close to an internal router/Access Point. The ANT5158 is also very simple to install as it doesn't require any configuring, just cable connections and some consideration put into aligning its angle when for whatever it's being made to reach.


Polar Plots

Frequency 5150~5850
Gain 18dBi
Beamwidth E:17 H:17
VSWR ≤1.7
Impedance 50Ω
Polarisation  ±90°
Isolation ≥35dB
F/B ratio ≥30dB
Max. Power 20W
Connector Type 2 x iPax
Dimensions 261×261×35mm
Weight 1.15Kg
Mast Dimension Φ40~50mm