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NET-WL-MMS2-543HVRearviewLEDsHoles for the Antenna sockets and Ethernet cableEthernet connector4 pitails includedMounting kitEthernet cable stopper





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Compex dual mPCI outdoor unit with 19dBi 5GHz Dual Polarisation Antenna

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/a/n compliant – dependant upon WiFi cards installed. (Supplied with NO Cards installed)
  • Up to 26dBm output power (depends upon WiFi card fitted)
  • Built-in 5GHz 19dBi dual-polarisation antenna
  • Supports 802.3af PoE or Passive PoE (not supplied)
  • 2 x miniPCI slots for WiFi cards
  • 4 x N Type pigtails included
  • IP67 weatherproof plastic enclosure with flexible wall or pole mounting options





The WL-MMS2-543HV is an outdoor housing with integral dual polarised, 19dBi 5GHz directional antenna. It also has 4 N Type sockets on the bottom. Inside is an AR7161 processor board which has 2 mini-pci card slots for up to 2 miniPCI wifi cards. (NO CARD SUPPLIED)  The WL-MMS2-543HV uses the Compex WLM mini-pci cards, either/or the 2.4Ghz card or the 5GHz cards can be installed (see the accessories tab for more details). Cards are separately setup and configured so you could, for example, have a 5GHz MiMo (11n) backbone using one card and then a 2.4GHz 11n AP for local coverage with a 2.4GHz card. 4 N Type sockets are fitted to cope with two 11n cards (this is two MMCX connectors per card). When used for 5GHz operation this product is not IR2007 compatible and should not be used for Band C 5GHz networking - it should only be used for Band B (license free) 5GHz operation channels 100 to 140. When used for Band B please note the UK limit for EIRP is 30dBm. If using the built in 19dBi antenna please ensure that output power is limited to about 12/13dBm. If using separate antenna then please limit the power according to the antenna gain.

The WL-MMS2-543HV uses 48V Power over Ethernet - NO POE SUPPLIED. Our standard passive 48V PoE is listed in the accessories tab.

Download specification datasheet including antenna specifications and polar plots
Processor Atheros AR7161 ( 680 MHz) Networking Processor
LAN Interface 1 x 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet Port

Integrated 5GHz 19dBi directional dual-polarisation antenna.

WARNING When using the built in antenna for UK Band B 5GHz operation then the output power should be reduced to ensure you don't exceed the 30dBm EIRP legal limit.

External Connector

4 x N-Type socket connectors

WARNING When using a seperate 5GHz antenna then please ensure you adjust the power output so as not exceed UK 30dBm maximum permitted EIRP for Band B operation.

WiFi capability 2 x standard miniPCI slots for WLMN WiFi cards. Will support 2 cards of either/or 2.4 or 5GHz (not supplied).
Power Consumption Passive 48V PoE (not supplied)
Temperature Range Operating:-20ºC to 70ºC
Storage: -40ºC to 90ºC
Outside Dimensions 257mm x 257mm x 86mm (H x W x D)
User Guide Download here 20.07.11
CE Documentation Download here 20.07.11