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ENSTATIONac - EnGenius AC866 5GHz Ultra Long Range CPE Solution

  • Built-in 19dBi high gain antenna for long range
  • Compliance with 802.3at PoE input
  • Supply 802.3af power source via the 2nd LAN port
  • IP55-rated enclosure
  • Superior video delivering over wireless transmission
  • Manage and monitor from a single page without
    additional tools


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Mfr part code: ENSTATION 11ac


The EnStationAC from EnGenius is specifically designed and engineered to network over great distances and to transfer heavy data at consistent wireless speeds in point-to-point or point-to-multi-points deployment.

It is engineered with a power independent RF interface that offers bandwidth up to 866Mbps on 5GHz band for accommodating heavy traffic services, it also has two Gigabit ports where the main port will accept a 48v 802.3at PoE and from the secondary port another device can be powered via an 802.3af PSE output.

The EnStationAC is in an IP55-rated enclosure designed to withstand harsh environment conditions including severe and prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme cold, frost, snow, rainfall, hail and humidity. It is easily mounted on a wall or to a pole with its three-axis position which is especially useful in aligning to a matching EnStationAC unit.


Download specification datasheet including polar diagrams

Wireless Radio Specification

5GHz ac/a/n
- Maximum 866Mbps
- Maximum power is limited by regulatory power

Support Radio Technology
- 802.11ac/a/n: Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)
- 802.11n/ac: 2x2 MIMO with 2 streams
- 802.11ac with 20/40/80 MHz channel width
- 802.11n with 20/40 MHz channel width
- 802.11a with 20MHz channel width

Power supply Power Source
-802.3at/48V proprietary compliant source
-Active Ethernet (Power over Ethernet, PoE)
Antenna Directional High gain antenna
- 19dBi 5GHz antenna
- Wide range from 5150~5925MHz
- Dual Polarisation
Interface Two 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet Port
- Main port supports 802.3at/proprietary 48V PoE Input
- 2nd port supports the 802.3af PSE output
- One reset/reboot button
Operating Mode Access Point/Client Bridge/WDS
- A variety of operation modes to serve multiple constituencies and applications
Mechanical and Environmental
Dimensions 190 (d) x 38 (h) mm
IP Rating IP55
Firmware for this product should only be sourced via the Solwise or EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. websites. If it is sourced elsewhere it may damage your device and invalidate the warranty. We can't provide service support to devices which are not running with ETSI firmware. EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. Downloads Site 27.10.16
Locator program - useful as this unit uses
DHCP to receive an IP address
Download here 17.04.19
Set-up Guide - WDS AP to WDS Station bridge for EnGenius outdoor 5GHz units, (Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint bridge links) Download here 16.07.19
'EnGenius WDS Bridging Setup Guide' - an explanation of WDS modes and a configuration guide Download here 13.07.15
Free Surface Elevation Tool Download here 07.11.14
What is 11ac?

What is 11ac?