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Solwise Outdoor VAP with control 2.4GHz

  • 802.11n AP nodes with Embedded Access Controller
  • Centrally manage up to 50 Thin APs
  • Virtual seamless roaming for clients (good for VoIP and streaming applications)
  • Built in antenna or external antenna option
  • High power (ideal for Leaky Coaxial applications)



The VAP Access Points are 802.11n AP nodes with Embedded Access Controller features enabling you to centrally manage up to 50 Thin APs. They also operate the concept of a virtual WiFi network which makes multiple APs appear the clients as a single WiFi network. This makes it easier for client connectivity and provides virtual roaming for users.


VAP (Virtual Access Points) are specially designed for operators who want to provide hot-spot  services  or  SMB  secured central wireless network solution and near seamless WiFi roaming. It is perfect for the installation in Warehouses, Hotels, Airports, School, Colleges, SMB environment and pubic places such as parks, shopping  malls,  conference  rooms,  exhibitions, etc.

With a friendly user interface and automatic discovery for devices within the network the VAP is very easy to deploy and centrally managed and automatically tuned: Ideal for small business that required a robust and secure WLAN solution.

Virtual WiFi network means it’s simple for clients to connect to and gives virtual roaming between APs.


Download specification datasheet
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Chipset CPU: AR7240
RF: AR9285
Poe Passive PoE 15V
CPU 400MHz
Antenna Built-in 8dBi directional antenna & External N Type Plug
Antenna Configuration 1*1 (1 Tx, 1 Rx)
LAN port 1 port
Ethernet PHY 10/100
Firmware Ver 2.0.7 Download here 13.12.12
Sales Flyer Download here 20.07.12
User Manual Download here 20.06.12
Solwise Video

Configuration and Setup of the WL-24VAP