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Zygma7 Outdoor backbone endpoint with one radio. 802.11a 5Ghz, 54/108Mbps. UK Band B & C Legal.


  • Operating Mode: Base Station , CPE, P2P, P2MP
  • High Reliability & Long Distance Connectivity (up to 40km)
  • Super A: Fast Frames, Burst, Compression
  • Intel® TDMA Technology
  • Wireless Isolation (Client Isolation)
  • RF Output Power: 24dbm
  • Built-in Antenna (23 dbi, 5.4~5.85GHz Frequency Range)
  • Industrial Design for -30 ~ 70 °C Operating Temperature
  • IP 67 Enclosure (Level 7 Waterproof)
  • Level 17 Beaufort Scale
  • Vented to exclude moisture
  • CLI (Command Line Interface) Support
  • SNMP Management
  • group firmware upgrade
  • signal indication for easy installation method





The ZyGMA7 Backbone Repeater series has three product items, the R1, R2, and Backbone Panel Antenna. The R1 has one 5GHz radio channel used to initiate or terminate the internet bandwidth through the Backbone. The R2 has dual 5GHz Radio Channels and is typically used as a relay in the backbone. The R2 can also be used in point-to- point configuration to link two sites (with up to 40km distance) and with link-aggregation to increase the effective channel throughput.

The R1 and R2 Backbone products are legal for use in the 5GHz Band B unlicensed band (5470-5720MHz) and in the Band C licensed frequency range (5725-5850MHz). Key features include DFS, TPC and also notching in the range 5795 to 5815MHz.

The Backbone Repeater series is a robust and versatile design for the harshest outdoor environment. Innovative features to enhance the network throughput include, TDM oordination, Distributed TDMA, and Super A wireless to increase the link to 108 Mbps. They also include Wireless Isolation (Client Isolation) to isolate clients from each other, and SNMP management feature. Other environmental and mechanical designs include the wide-temperature tolerance, pole-mounting and wall-mounting mechanism, and an angle adjustment bracket for long-distance directional fine-tuning.

The network designer can use the R1 and R2 and ZyGMA7's range of outdoor AP/CPE products to provide a complete delivery solution including Wireless Backhaul and last-mile connectivity.

The Backbone Panel is a directional antenna operating at 5GHz range with 23dBi high-gain. When it is installed with the Backbone Repeater R2 as the antenna for the second channel. A V-cut board is included in the shipping package to isolate signals from the built-in antenna of the Repeater R2. Running two radios with link aggregation can increase the throughput up to 207% (Use of Link Aggregation in CSMA mode at a LOS distance of 10KM).

The BACKBONE series uses high quality components for operating in a ruggedized environment and can operate at a wide temperature range from -30°C ~ 70°C.

Download specification datsheet
Power Power over Ethernet (Output 20Watts ,48V /0.4A)
Operating Frequency FCC: 5.725~5.850 GHz
CE: 5.470~5.720 GHz, 5.725~5.850 GHz (for Band C use 5.795~5.815 GHz is excluded)
RF Modulation 802.11a: OFDM (BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM)
RF output power 24dBm (Max. of Avg.) at Radio for FCC (Band 4)
30 dB EIRP for ETSI 301 893 (Band3) for Band B use, 36dBm EIRP for UK Band C
Sensitivity ≤ -90dBm @6Mbps
≤ -73dBm @54Mbps
Operation Mode Base Station , CPE, PtP, P2MP
Security WEP 64/128bits, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA-2
TDM Coordination Technology Traffic management to coordinate the traffics between clients, and to ensure all the clients get access; to avoid the bandwidth being hogged by clients with heavy traffic
Intel® Distributed TDMA For long distance transmission(longer than 20km), the synchronous Distributed TDMA transmission algorithm is much better than the normal asynchronous CSMA technology, hence keeping the throughput much higher. Distributed TDMA automatically allocates time-slots to clients to optimize the network throughput.
Antenna Gain 23dBi
Frequency Range 5400~5850 MHz
HPBW (horizontal) 10°
HPBW (vertical) 10°
Antenna Dimensions 320 x 320 x 18mm
Mounting Pole Mount (ADC-12 Aluminum alloy)
Weight 2.4Kg
User Manual Download here 30.09.11
Quick Installation Guide Download here 30.09.11
Application to alter maximum power output Download here 11.10.11
Windows management application Download here 30.09.11
Backbone Presentation (Powerpoint slide show) Download here 31.08.11
Declaration of Conformity Download here 31.08.11
Solwise Video

Set-Up Video

Set-up Video for Zygma7 R1, including peer-to-peer set-up. Presented by Steve Mace of Solwise