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R2 - Guest Internet Solutions hotspot gateway with up to 100Mb/s throughput

  • Up to 100Mb/s Throughput
  • Easy to use wizard for installation
  • Custom login page with client branding, choose from 10 backdrops or create your own design
  • Access code generation
  • Disclaimer text editor
  • Content Filtering
  • Bandwidth control
  • Remote Management

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The GiS-R2 is popular with motels and hotels, however, it is also used by many other types of businesses that provide Internet access as a service to the public.

The GiS-R2 is frequently installed with several wireless access points to provide WiFI Internet throughout a building, such as a motel.

The GiS-R2 can also be used to connect wired hotel rooms where a switch must be added to connect more cables to the LAN ports. The GiS-R2 can be used to connect business centre computers and Internet kiosks and is ideal for an Internet café.

Any type of wireless access point can be connected to the GiS-R2 and provide managed WiFi Internet for laptops, netbooks, smartphones, and any WiFi-enabled device.

The API provides an interface for Point of Sale (PoS) terminals to fetch and sell Internet access codes to customers.

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Download specification datasheet

Gateway Features Plug and play with the setup wizard
Firewall blocks access from LAN to WAN
Local and remote configuration
Content filter using OpenDNS
Download/upload speed control
Allowed IP and MAC addresses
Free and controlled Internet access
Port forwarding to other devices
Timer/calendar to set availability
AUTHENTICATION Access code database: 1000
Login page Branding via the login page generator
Ten login pages are preinstalled
Upload your own background graphic
Create a custom HTML login page design
Add custom login page banner advertising
Disclaimer agreement with built-in editor
Link to business web site home page
Login page access code generator
Login code usage reporting
Build a 'walled garden' using URL bypass
Library of login page designs available
Login page simulator on our website
Customer data collection application
Login page backup/restore
API FOR Code Management PoS/PMS integration to create codes
Code management via HTTP calls
Ethernet WAN (Internet) RJ-45 10/100/1000
LAN1-LAN4 (firewall) RJ-45 10/100/1000
Operation Commercial grade equipment suitable for installation in a non-industrial environment

Enclosure: W 5" x D 4" x H 1.3"

Warranty 1 year
CE Certificate Download here 15.02.2023
GIS Hotspot Legal Compliance Download here 11.09.18
GIS Hotspot Legal Protection Download here 11.09.18
GIS PCI-DSS Compliance Download here 11.09.18
High Resolution Images Download here 21.06.18
Quickstart Guide Click here 28.11.19
GIS Webinar presentation slides Download here 14.06.2023
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