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NET-WAS-IWE3200 wireless hotspot

Interepoch's IWE3200-G Access Gateway series enables Telcos, operators, wireless ISPs, businesses, government institutions, or campuses to deploy WLANs with secured user authentication support. The IWE3200 can use both RADIUS and Web Redirection technology so that when an unauthenticated wireless user is trying to access a Web page, a logon page is shown instead of the requested page. The user can then enter his/her user name and password for authentication. The users information is either verified locally or sent to a back-end RADIUS (Remote Authentication User Dial-In Service) server to see if the wireless user is allowed to access the Internet. This Web-redirection also supports Web page customization in local or remote allowing operators or Hotspots to easily designate a Web page before / after user login, not to mention being a friendly tool for operator or Hotspot advertising purposes.

It can easily generate user log on/off information for back-end billing systems for billing, or user access log status tracking purpose, which is very useful and demanded function for the environment requires highly security deployment, such as government institute, bank, or military campus.

In addition, the IWE3200-G Gateway Series can support up to 2 DSL/cable connections, enabling outbound load-balancing and bandwidth aggregation. The multiple WAN connections can also act as a broadband line redundancy/failed-over to guarantee always-on-line connectivity.

The IWE3200-G provides standard WDS ( Wireless Distribution System ) bridges function to joint the LAN segments that may be far separated (e.g., in two buildings, or in campus) to a complete network. Up to 6 WDS bridge links work with AP function simultaneously, enabling LAN segments a greater amount of flexibility in setting up any network topology without comprising the performance, reliability and security of traditional wired solutions.

With the sleek Web-based management user interface, a network administrator can easily and clearly manage the InterEpoch WLAN access gateway.

IWE-3200 Hotspot
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Further Specifications

     o IEEE 802.11b/g compliant
     o WDS - static bridging
     o Transmitter power level control
     o Associated wireless clients status
     o Data rate settings
     o 64/128-bits WEP
     o WPA-TKIP / IEEE 802.1x
     o MAC address based access control
     o VPN passthrough
     o Wireless client isolation
Auto Recovery
     o Periodical restart every day
     o Hardware watchdog timer



     o Multiple DSL/Cable connections support
           - 2-WAN load-balancing
           - 2-Link redundancy/back-up
     o Bandwidth management (By IP/MAC)
     o DHCP client & server
     o Packet filtering
     o Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
     o Authenticated users status table
     o LAN device management
     o SNMP v1 & v2
     o SNMP Traps: standard and private
     o MIB II, IEEE 802.11 IEEE 802.1d,
        IEEE 802.1x, and private enterprise MIB
     o System log
     o Firmware upgrade via HTTP and TFTP
     o Configuration backup & restore
           - By NAT port mapping
           - By PPTP and virtual second LAN

     o Web-redirection based authentication
     o SSL username/password protection
     o Compliant with most RADIUS standards
        (Microsoft IAS, Cisco ACS, Funk Odyssey
         Funk Steel Belted, Linux FreeRADIUS, IT
        Cousult 2000 WinRADIUS, Alepo RADIUS.
     o Airpath approved, Pronto Silver Level
        certified, and iPass GIS client support
     o Internal/External Web authentication pages
     o Advertisement links
     o Unrestricted client access
     o Walled garden
Transparent Access
     o Zero client reconfiguration (Any IP)
     o DNS/SMTP proxy
     o H.323 passthrough


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Standard IEEE 802.11g 2.4GHz 54Mbps for WLAN
IEEE 802.3u 10/100BaseTX for Ethernet LAN
Spreading DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Security 64/128bit WEP Encryption
WPA (802.1x / TKIP)
Frequency 2.402 ~ 2.472 GHz (North America)
2.402 ~ 2.4970 GHz (Japan)
2.402 ~ 2.4835 GHz (Europe ETSI)
2.4465 ~ 2.4835 GHz (France)
Operating channels USA (FCC): 1-11 Canada (IC): 1-11
Europe (ETSI): 1-13 France: 10-13
Japan: 1-13 (TELEK) / 1-14 (MKK)
Operating range Open Space: 100-300m Indoor: 35m-100m
Supported bit rate OFDM@54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6Mbps, CCK@11/5.5Mbps,
QPSK@2Mbps and BPSK@1Mbps
Transmit power Peak 13 ~ 18dBm
Receive sensitivity Better than -65 ~ -80dBm
Port characteristics LAN port (10/100Base-TX): RJ45 * 5 (Auto-crossover)
COM port: RS232 * 1
Antenna system Provide one 2.4GHz rubber Reverse SMA detachable antenna
Network protocols TCP/IP, NetBIOS, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, AppleTalk
LED indicators Power, LAN Link/ACT, RF Link/ACT, System Alive
Power adapter input AC 100~120V 50~60 Hz, 400mA
MAX Output: DC 12V, 1.0A
Dimensions 220 x 142 x 40 mm
Temperature range 0~55o (Operating), -20~70o (Storing)
Humidity Max. 5%~95% Non-condensing in storage
Certification FCC part 15 class B in US, ETSI 300.328 and CE EMC-EEC in Europe
Firmware Ver

Please extract the .bin file from the compressed file before upgrading.
Release note :
1. add Session log by mail or Syslog.
2. Print local account info from browser
3. add "discount" billing setting
Click here for details and instructions
You will need the serial number and model number from the label on the unit
User upload utility - includes programme and sample CSV file Download here
Hotspot User Manuals Download here
Ticket printer user guide Download here
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