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Solwise 11n hotspot gateway for 100 concurrent users

  • Wireless Hotspot Gateway
  • IEEE802.11n, data rates up to 300Mbps
  • Support 100 simultaneous authentication users
  • Supports Pre-setting authentication users , On-Demand Users and Local Radius Accounts


Hotspot Unit Only


The WAS-105 is a Wireless Hotspot Gateway Kit, which complies with IEEE802.11 standard, and provides data rates up to 300 Mbps.

The WAS-105 Hotspot Controller controls user connectivity to your shared internet service using unique usernames and passwords.  It does away with confusing WiFi security – for instance when a user starts their browser to connect to the internet a customisable login page is displayed prompting for a simple username and password.   Customisable policies allow you to control access times, dates and available bandwidth.  The WAS-105R has the PayPal on-demand payment option for user connection. 

It supports pre-printed login tickets. The WAS-105R has user logging which allows you to collect data showing which sites were accessed and when, this helps you with evidence for potential illegal downloads. 

The WAS-105R allows guest access and privileged clients e.g. on-site IP cameras or staff. 

Dual WAN connections allow you to give faster user internet access to up to 100 simultaneous user connections.


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User Management

Support 100 simultaneous authentication users
Max 3069 Accounts
Support Pre-setting authentication users , On-Demand Users and Local Radius Accounts.
Users Session Management
Configurable user Black list ( with Time-based control)
Allows MAC address and user identity binding for local user authentication
SSL protected login portal page
Supports multiple login with one single account
Session idle timer
Login Session idle time out setting 
Session and account expiration control
Notification email to provide a hyperlink to login portal page
User Log and traffic statistic notification via automatically email service
Login time frame control
Session limit
Real-Time Online Users Traffic Statistic Reporting
Support local account roaming
Seamless Mobility : User-centric networking manages wired and wireless users as they roam between ports or wireless APs


Authentication: single sign-on (SSO) client with authentication integrated into the local authentication environment through local/domain, LDAP, RADIUS, MAC authentication, and 802.1x

  • Customizable Login and Logout Portal Pages
  • Customizable Advertisement Links on Login Portal Page

User authentication with UAM (Universal Access Method), 802..1x /EAPoLAN ,MAC address
Allow MAC address and users identity binding for local user authentication
No. Of Registered RADIUS Servers : 2
Support MAC control list (ACL )
Support auto-expierd guest accounts 
Users can be divided into user groups
Each user group has its own network properties, including bandwidth, QoS, WMM traffic
Each group (role) ma get different network policies in different service domain 
Max simulanous user session (TCP/UDP) limit
Configurable user black list
Export/Import local users list to/from a text file
Web-based Captive Portal for SSL browser-based authentication
Authentication Type

  • RFC2865 RADIUS Authentication
  • RFC3579 RADIUS Support for EAP
  • RFC3748 Extensible Authentication Protocol
  • MAC Adress authentication
  • Web-based captive portal authentication
Accounting Provides billing plans for pre-setting accounts
Provides billing plans for on-demand accounts
Enables session expiration control for On-demand accounts by time(Hours)
Detailed per-user traffic history based on time and data volume for both local and on-demand accounts
Support local on-demand and external RADIUS server 
Contain 10 configurable billing plans for on-demand accounts 
Support credit card billing system by Authorize.net and PayPal
Provide session expiration control for on-demand accounts
Support automatic email network traffic history
Wireless Transmission power control : 7 Levels (9)
Channel selection : Manual or Auto
No. of associated clients per AP : 32
Setting for max no associated clients : Yes
No. of BBSID (Virtual AP) : 8
No. of Max. WDS setting : 4 (8)
Preamble setting : Short / Long
Setting for 802.11b/g/n mix, 802.11b only or 802.11 g only or 802.11n only
Airtime performance protection prevents low-speed from down high-speed
Setting fortransmission speed
IEEE802.11f IAPP ( Inter Access Point Protocol ) , hand over users to another AP
IEEE802.11i Preauth (PMSKA Cache)
IEEE802.11h Transmission Power Control
IEEE802.11d Multi country roaming
Automatic channel assignment
Coordinated Access ensures optimal performance of nearby APs on the same channel
Real-time monitoring and display of RF coverage and interference
Secure wireless bridge connects access points without wire
Automatic detection, classification , and containment of rogue access points
Monitoring and reporting
IP-Based monitoring of network devices
Support Syslog for diagnosis and troubleshooting by email
Traffic history report via email to administrator
Users’ session log can be sent by email or Syslog server
Firmware ver 1.0.6
Release notes included with the file
Download here 13.04.12
Firmware ver 1.0.4
Release notes included with the file
Download here 11.01.12
Firmware ver 1.0.3
Release notes included with the file
Download here 09.09.11
Firmware ver 0.0.16
Fixes a number of small bugs. Includes release notes
Download here 24.06.11
Firmware Ver 0.0.14 (includes release notes) Download here 27.05.11
Quick Installation Guide - updated Download here 27.04.11
User Manual - updated Download here 27.04.11
Firmware Ver 0.0.12 (includes release notes)
Includes traffic log function
Download here 27.04.11
Firmware v0.0.9

includes release notes

Fixes a few bugs but also adds traffic logging (so you can see where people goto).
Download here 29.03.11
Firmware ver 0.0.7.

Fixes issues when users were upgrading to ver 0.0.6 from an old f/w.

Special instructions:

If the current firmware version is <= V003, then user needs to run “Web_upsize” update which is included in the zip file. Existing version greater than 0.0.3 then they can go direct to the new f/w.

Download here


Click here for video highlighting changes with the 0.0.7 f/w

Attribute list for Radius Authentication Download here 16.09.10
Quick Installation Guide Download here 16.09.10
User Manual Download here  
Quick Start Guide Download here  
CE Document Download here 31.01.11.
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