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Pheenet 11g wireless hotspot for 50 concurrent users

  • Wireless Hotspot Gateway Kit
  • Network Access Control Server Gateway (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)
  • 1 WAN + 2 Public LAN + 2 Private LAN + 11g
  • High Power Access Point
  • 50 concurrent users for Hot Spot & SMB
  • Ideal for hotels, guest houses, cafes, bars, company office
  • Credit card billing
  • Total user isolation for your peace of mind
  • Public and private networks, great for visitors


Hotspot Unit Only


The hotspot solution is ideal for deployment in hotels, coffee shops, airports, train stations, conference facilities and other sites that commonly host business travellers and offers instant high-speed Internet connections. In University towns it can also attract students to coffee shops where they can find a much more relaxing place to continue with their studies.

The WAS-102R is not only a high performance wireless gateway but also a powerful firewall with Denial of Service (DOS) protection. It supports 802.11g 54Mbps high-speed connection and is compatible with 802.11b standard. By connecting to more Wireless access points a Hot Spot can be easily extended with this flexible and scalable solution.


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1. Supports various broadband options (T1, DSL, Cable) via static IP, DHCP and PPPoE
2. Integrated access point enables Wi-Fi access and eliminates the need for additional device
3. Built-in user database provide sufficient account capacity for different operation scenarios
4. Works with instant account generator to provide user accounts for visitor-based, on-demand operations
5. Integrated user authentication: WEP, WPA, IEEE 802.1x
6. Secure guest and administrator access using web-based login and administration over SSL
7. Standards-based encryption capabilities ensure privacy to user’s device
8. Configurable packet filtering policies enhance data traffic security
9. Complete authentication mechanism blocks unauthenticated users from access to the network
10. Role-based and policy-based control policies enhances the protection against malicious users
11. “On-line user list” monitors real-time status of each individual user
12. Allows session expiration control for guest or on-demand users by time and data volume
13. Programmable billing profiles allow operators to customize the billing plans for on-demand users
14. Bandwidth control enables class of service for different levels of users and maximize profits
15. Detailed per-user traffic history log for analysis and record keeping
16. Billing report gives a summary of transaction records for on-demand users
17. Credit card billing.

IEEE 802.11b / 802.11g Compliant
IEEE802.3 10BaseT Ethernet
IEEE802.3u 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet


WAN:1×10/100Base-TX Ethernet port
LAN: 2 Private LAN Port, 2 Public LAN Port
1×RJ-11 Port

Security for Wireless 64/128 bit WEP Encryption
IEEE802.1x Client(EAP-ALS, EAP, MD5 supplicant)
WPA (TKIP, Pre-Share Key)
Frequency Band 2.400~2.484 GHz ISM band
Signal Type DSSS & OFDM


Antenna Removeable Diversity Antenna with 2dBi
2 x Reverse SMA socket.
Sensitivity -91dBm @1Mbps, -84dBm @ 6Mbps,
-75dBm @24Mbps,-90dBm @ 2Mbps,
-82dBm @9Mbps,-73dBm @ 36Mbps,
-89dBm @5.5Mbps,-79dBm @ 12Mbps,
-70dBm @48Mbps,-87dBm @ 11Mbps,
-77dBm @18Mbps,-68dBm @ 54Mbps,
Output Power 20dBm (100mW) /23dBm (200mW)
Channel FCC: 11 Channels (US, Canada)
ETSI: 13 Channels (Europe)
TELEC: 14 Channels (Japan)
Networking - Wi-Fi standard: IEEE 802.11b/g
- Supports Router, NAT mode
- Supports Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE, PPTP Dial-up
- Configurable LAN ports authentication
- Supports IP Plug and Play (IP PnP)
- Supports Inter-subnet roaming
- Built-in DHCP Server and supports DHCP relay
- Supports NAT:
(a) IP/Port Destination Redirection
(b) DMZ Server Mapping
(c) Virtual Server Mapping
(d) H.323 Pass-Through
- Configurable static route
- Supports Walled Garden (free surfing zone)
- Supports MAC Address Pass-Through
- Supports HTTP Proxy
- Throughput: 90 Mbps
Security - Supports data encryption: WEP(64/128-bit), WPA
- Supports authentication: WPA-PSK, IEEE 802.1x
- Supports packet filtering policy
- Supports VPN Pass-Through (IPSec and PPTP)
- Supports DoS attack protection
- Supports SSH Remote Management
- Supports Layer 2 isolation
- Supports MAC Access Control List
- Configurable user Black List
- Allows MAC address and user identity binding for
- local user authentication
User Management - Supports up to 50 concurrent users
- Supports 500 local accounts
- Supports 2,000 on-demand accounts
- Provides guest accounts
- Simultaneous support for multiple authentication methods (Local and On-demand accounts, POP3(S), LDAP, RADIUS, NT Domain server)
- Role-based and policy-based access control
(per-role assignments based on Firewall Policies, Routing, Login Schedule, Bandwidth, Quota, and Session Time)
- User Session Management:
(a) SSL protected login portal page
(b) Supports multiple logins with one single account
(c) Session idle timer
(d) Session/account expiration control
(e) Friendly notification email to provide a quick
hyperlink to login portal page
(f) Windows domain single sign on
(g)Configurable login time frame
Accounting and Billing - Provides built-in billing profiles for on-demand accounts
- Enables session expiration control for on-demand accounts by time (hour) and data volume (MB)
- Provides billing report on screen for on-demand accounts
- Detailed per-user traffic history based on time and data volume for both local and on-demand accounts
- Provides traffic history report in an automatic email to administrator
- Built-in instant credit access facility
System Administration - Multi-lingual, web-based management UI
- Customizable login and logout portal page
- Supports SNMP v2
- Remote firmware upgrade
- Supports NTP time synchronization
- Console CLI support
- Backup and restore of system configuration
Environment Operating Temperature:5~45°
Storage Temperature:-20~70°
Humidity: 5% ~ 95% non-condensing
Power Supply 12VDC
LED Indicators Power, WAN Link, LAN LAN/ACT & COL/FDX
Dimensions 248(L) X 149(W) x 47(H) mm
Certificate FCC, CE