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NET-EL-WSR3800PNT Hotspot Printer


WAS-102R & Printer
Hotspot and Printer

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(Printer only)
(Mfr part code: P-1130)
Further Specifications

Thermal Printer Roll
57 x 55 x 12.7mm

Printing method: Direct thermal
Printing speed: 50 ( mm / sec )
Number of columns: 32 columns
Character Structure: 12 x 24 (alphanumeric)
Paper detection: Paper end, Thermal head up
Thermal head service life: 50 Km
Recommended thermal paper material: Single-ply thermal paper roll
Power Supply: DC 9-12V, 3A
Interface: RS-232C (DB25, RJ-11), Printer Port
Dimensions: 200 (L) × 122(W) × 117(H)mm
Button Function: - Up to 14 settings can be selected (LED0-LED9, LEDA, LEDC, LEDE, LEDF)
Provide the paper is fed forward by one line
LED Button behavior: Printer provides 14 set of LED string
Special character support: - User-defined special character decoder (ex. ASCII 258 = special character), do not arouse conflict with current character decoder.
- Provide the special character decoder to the printer supplier.
While printing, the program will deliver the correspondent ASCII code to get the special character.
Graph support: - User upload the graph file into flash memory, up to 16K bytes, file format: only supply bmp file.
While printing the graph, program should enclose function lines used specifically for the graph printing.