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Cadi.Sense WiFi thermometer

  • Get your child's temperature with out disturbing their rest and receive real time alerts when the temperature spikes.
  • Included in the pack is the Cadi ThermoSensor, a Cadi SmartNode and 30 pieces of Cadi Stick-on.
  • Monitor temperature using your iPhone, Android Phone or PC
  • Other uses include monitoring temperature in your server room!

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Cadi.Sense is a new generation wireless thermometer that can help busy parents monitor their sick child's temperature using their iPhone, Android phone or PC. This product could be used for other temperature monitoring purposes, such as ensuring your server room doesn't get too hot!

Children are susceptible to illnesses. Frequently fever is one of the first signs that your child is not well.

Periodic taking and monitoring a sick child’s temperature can be a challenge and inconvenience as your child may experience episodes of high temperatures anytime, especially during the night.

Don’t you want a thermometer that monitors your child’s temperature automatically and continuously and alerts you to such temperature spikes?

Cadi.Sense is a novel way to manage fever.  Clinically proven, Cadi.Sense measures and tracks temperature continuously without disrupting rest.

With automated alerts and temperature trending, Cadi.Sense makes fever management less stressful, simpler and convenience.

Clean the sensor with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol, and put the sensor back into the storage case to switch off the sensor. The metal part of the sensor should face down and the barcode side should face up. Make sure that the sensor fits nicely into the storage case and you are able to close the cap of the case. This step will ensure that the sensor switches off completely, saving battery power and making your sensor last longer!

The internal battery is non-replaceable.

Battery Life - 60 days of continuous use, OR 3 years of intermittent use, based on the following conditions:

(a) 5 days of use every 3 months

(b) ThermoSensor is kept properly in storage case when not in use



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