Introduction to 11n WiFi

Wireless 11n - 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n, 300 Mbps

In less than a decade, wireless LANs have evolved from an innovative idea to an indispensable technology for millions of businesses and consumers. This technology will continue to evolve. The latest generation of high-speed wireless LAN solutions, based on the IEEE Draft 802.11n standard, are now available.


•  Inventory Management
•  Barcode Scanning



Mobile Data
•  Email
•  Web browsing



Business Ready
•  Voice, Video, Data



Next Generation Wireless
• Ubiquitous mobile computing

What does 802.11n deliver?

Better end-user experience for data, voice and video

•    Throughput – Up to 5 times greater than existing networks
•    Reliability – Fewer packet retries
•    Predictability – Consistent coverage and throughput
•    Compatibility – Backwards support for 802.11a/b/g clients

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11n Comparison

To compare the capabilities of various Draft 11n products with traditional 11g (54meg) Solwise has carried out a series of transmission speed and bandwidth tests. We've tested a range of Solwise sourced products, and, to keep it fair, we also purchased a handful of Netgear units to include in the tests. We originally set out to compare both outright transmission performance and also to investigate the effects on signal connectivity and bandwidth within a building - tbh, although we moved the units all around our building, trying loads of different locations, we couldn't find any positions which produced a measurable drop in performance! We therefore gave up on that idea Smiley

The conclusions of these tests are 11n technology IS considerably faster than traditional 11g wifi: Okay it's not the advertised 300meg BUT does give speeds of 70-90 meg which is easily 3 times faster that 11g. With prices comparable to high end 11g products 11n should now really be considered as the preferred choice for wifi within buildings for both the home and business user.