SMS-REMOTEPLUG (SIM card not included) Inserting a SIM Card (SIM card not included) Plugging into mains power




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SMS-REMOTEPLUG - Remote Power Controller with SMS Control

  • Fully controlled by SMS (text message)
  • Turn power on/off & reboot equipment remotely all by text
  • Real time text alert when mains power is lost/restored (up to 5 users)
  • Plug & play - simple quick set up all by text (under 3 mins)
  • Powertxt uses GSM only (no IP address required or Wifi/Data/3G access)
  • Saves time & money by reducing unnecessary engineering site visits
  • Real time temperature alerts & automatic control by temperature
  • Powertxt can only control the mains power to your equipment, it has no connection to the device itself
  • Control by mobile/cell phone or through EstateView (cloud based centralised management portal)

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Mfr part code: Powertxt


What is Powertxt ® ?
Powertxt is a simple remote power control switch that is fully operated and controlled by SMS (text message) commands, allowing effortless remote switching and control of mains power.  Powertxt has no  IP/Network/3G/Data/WiFi  capabilities  it  is  purely  GSM  and  communication  is  by  text  messages only making it the perfect secure solution for out of band remote power control / remote switching. Powertxt effectively performs a ‘hard reboot’ by turning the mains power to your equipment off and then on again (“rebooting it”).  Powertxt has many additional features including real time power loss text alerts (and power restore alerts), real time temperature alerts and Powertxt can also automatically control your device  by time/date & temperature  making it an ideal solution for many applications. (Powertxt includes a plug-in temperature sensor, shown above).
Powertxt gives you the ability to “power cycle/reboot” your business critical hardware from anywhere 24/7/365.

Powertxt is so easy to use. Powertxt does not require any technical installation, just insert a SIM (not included) and plug in! You can be in control of your connected device in less than 3 minutes.  Traditionally adding remote power retrospectively has been very difficult but with Powertxt it’s just as easy to add remote power control to existing equipment as new equipment.  Powertxt can be controlled easily by phone or for larger numbers use our online management tool EstateView to control all your devices from one central place.

ROI – “It is estimated that over 70% of all downtime events can be solved with a hard power reboot” Powertxt is a low cost remote power socket and the majority of Powertxt users get a return on investment after the first call out/engineering visit saved. Powertxt only needs a SIM card to operate so running costs are usually less than £15 per year (for a M2M SIM).

We can arrange a suitable 3-year SIM card package to go with these devices.  Outgoing SMS 'texts' will be charged at 15p but the first 144 (4 per month) are included in the package.  Incoming texts are free. The all-in price is £60 + VAT.  For further information fill in the form here.

Download specification datasheet
Technical data

•  SIM Card required (Standard/2FF size)
•  2G SMS Only (Use any network except Three as they are a digital only network)
•  Input 110v-250v / 50Hz
•  Output maximum 13A(UK)/16A(EU)
•  UK Version only
•  Manufactured to BS5733
•  Plug in temperature sensor included
•  Temperature range -10 0 C to +50 0 C
•  Relative humidity 10-90% without humidity •  CE2200 Certification / RoHS Compliant
•  Automatic time and date synchronisation
•  Operating temperature -10 0 C to +50 0 C
•  Relative Humidity 10-90%, without condensation
•  GSM Band 900/1800Mhz (Dual Band)
•  Online management portal ‘EstateView’ available on request

Scheduled Nightime Automatic Reboot Feature

You can send the following SMS command:


and then send #128#1# to activate schedule control function.

This should be able to turn off at 00:01and turn on at 00:02

eg: I tested on #129#0#1604#1603# and so it turned off at 16:03 and turned on at 16:04 in the afternoon.

NB Any other command sent will then override this function so will need to be reset.