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What is a Hotspot Gateway?

A hotspot gateway is a device that provides authentication, authorisation and accounting for a wired or wireless network. Typically they are used to control access to the Internet on a public wireless network; usually, this would be in order to charge for the service or restrict access to certain users e.g. via a wireless hotspot on a holiday park. A hotspot gateway can also be used for guest (free of charge) user connectivity by offering instant Internet access without the need for configuration changes to the network setup of the client computer or any resident client-side software.

  • In practice, the hotspot controller is a supplementary router that sits between your local network and your

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    broadband connection controlling all user traffic to the internet.
  • The smallest controllers also include on-board wireless interface which can be used for local users; these users are also managed by the controller. So these are ideal for small locations like cafes.
  • Most controllers also have the option to interface to one or more Point Of Sale ticket printers which can be used to print tickets for on-demand users. Ideal if you want to install the system at a reception location of a cafe or restaurant.
  • They can automatically generate user accounts both for fee-based or free broadband access.
  • They also typically include powerful, supplementary firewalls for increased network security.

Once your controller is configured then it can automatically provide access authentication using a simple username and password control. These users can either be by a built-in, prepared user-base or they can be created on-demand. Most of the hotspots even support instant payment type services using, for example, PayPal. With instant payment, the hotspot will automatically interface with PayPal user charging - ideal if you want to run an unattended charging service. Most now also included the option of Facebook login which automatically 'likes' the user to your Facebook account.

From the end-users point of view, all they see is a simple logon popup box when they first attempt to connect to the internet. At this stage they can enter the username and password you've created for them or, if using instant payment, they can simply go to the charge site (e.g. PayPal) and pay for their connection.

It's worth noting that in September 2016 the EU has advised that you should no longer run an open WiFi public network and you must also collate contact details for each user.


"In that regard, the Court nevertheless underlines that, in order to ensure that deterrent effect, it is necessary to require users to reveal their identity to be prevented from acting anonymously before obtaining the required password."

You will probably need some form of hotspot gateway to collect these user details e.g. using PayPal (if you want to charge) or via Facebook or a custom login page or simply noting them down when you give each user their unique access code.


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Case study


Portmeirion is one large network running both the WiFi system and a TV System through it. The network gives blanket coverage to Castell Deudraeth Hotel, Portmeirion Hotel, Portmeirion Village Outdoor for day visitors / guests, and 72 rooms in the village including cottages. Go

Guest Internet Solutions - Hotspot Stack.


  • Custom Login and splash page to increase brand awareness - social media login

  • Monitor usage

  • Easy setup with step-by-step wizard

  • Print codes at the reception desk from anywhere on the network

  • Firmware upgrades are free

  • Free Cloud management included with all units

  • There are no additional costs or monthly fees

  • Improve your social media presence

  • Control guest Internet access


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