3G/4G Mobile Data Solution

Catch it outside, use it inside

At home or on the move, Internet connection wherever you are.

At Home:
Mobile internet solutions (3G & 4G) are becoming increasingly popular for home and business use, either because a fixed line service is not available, very slow, or just simply because it works out cheaper!

You will need to mount an outdoor antenna on to your home, shed or out-building to get a reliable signal from your nearest phone-mast and then connect up a router inside to share the service between your internet devices, such as tablets, computers, smartphones, etc.  Just pop a SIM card into the router, connect to the antenna and get surfing!

On the Move:

Mount the antenna to your vehicle! Here at Solwise we offer a wide variety of different antenna, both directional and omni-directional. Along with this we provide various mounting brackets, from suction cups to tile mounts, and we also offer a number of antenna that mount directly to the vehicle, whether it is a motorhome, yacht, barge or bus. See our wide range of outdoor mobile antenna here

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Teltonika RUT950 Router & Poynting Outdoor Antenna

RUT950 & Antenna

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Teltonika RUT950 4G Router and Poynting XPOL-A0001 outdoor antenna. A reliable 4G Broadband Internet connection for the home or office.

Teltonika RUT950 Router & 2 Poynting Marine Antenna

RUT950 & Marine Antenna

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Teltonika RUT950 4G Router and 2 x Poynting ANT-OMNI-291 Marine antenna. A reliable 4G Broadband Internet connection for onboard your yacht or barge.