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Is your WiFi coverage a little flaky?
Do you even offer your guests WiFi?

People no longer want to ‘get-away-from-it-all’ these days, they want to stay connected, whether this is to social media, the office or just to check local attractions online and with this in mind one of the key requirements, when away from home, is how good the hotel WiFi is.

Here at Solwise we offer a number of solutions for delivering broadcast WiFi for hotels and public areas. We can also help you with what you can do for user management. The purpose of this management could be so you can offer a chargeable service and/or so you can control and have traceability for site visits and usage: This final point might well be something that you need if Ofcom come knocking on your door accusing you of downloading a rip off DVD through your internet connection!

EnGenius Neutron Series: The superb wireless performance of the EnGenius range of WiFi products is now offered in a cost- effective, centrally managed configuration.

Ideal for small, medium and large hotel chains the Neutron Series WiFi Controllers combine Management, PoE and Switch functionality into a single rack-mountable 1U case.

Small systems with up to 20 Access Points can be designed around a single central device, and for larger sites requiring hundreds of access points multiple controllers can be grouped using the EZ Master Cloud Solution.

The EnGenius Neutron series has no additional licence fees!

Neutron Product Demo - click here

ezMaster Demo - click here - login with username 'Demo' and password 'Demo'


Video Podcast ep2 EnGenius Cloud Solution


Give episode 2 of our podcast "A Word from the Wise" a listen, to hear two members of the Solwise team discuss in detail the ins and outs of how engenius managed solutions work and how they could benefit you.






Engenius Neutron Solution - wide range of indoor and outdoor access points and management switches.
  • Fast Roaming
    (inc. 802.11k/r)

    Seamless, uninterrupted client connectivity between multiple access points

  • Active Directory Integration

    Authentication and authorisation with Microsoft Active Directory

  • No additional licence fees

    Minimal operational costs compared to competing managed solutions

  • Integrated Management, Switch & PoE

    Self-contained management units, reduces costs from superfluous additional equipment

  • Wireless Client Fingerprinting

    Track devices connected to your network

  • Kick/Ban Wireless Clients

    Reign in access for service abusers, banned and malicious users

  • Cloud scaling
    (up to 1000+ AP's)

    ezMaster: manage a few or 1,000+ APs. Unlimited number of networks distributed across cities, regions or countries. ezMaster expands the flexibility and scalability of Neutron Series Managed Access Points and WLAN Controller Switches.

  • Layer 2 Wireless Client Isolation

    High security connectivity prevents inter-client communication and snooping

  • Band Steering

    Detect whether or not the wireless client is dual-band capable, if it is, push the client to connect to the less congested 5GHz network

  • Controller Event Log

    Track changes to your controller settings

  • Wireless Coverage Display (heat map)

    Topographically visualise effective wireless coverage, and potential deadspots

  • Rogue AP Detection

    Detect Access Points that shouldn't be connected to your network to counteract security threats

  • Email Notification

    Automated monitoring and admin notification for rapid response

Managed Wireless Networks

Access Points
  • Indoor ceiling mount high power Access Points
  • 2.4GHz or Dual Band Concurrent
  • Speeds from 11n 300-AC1750
  • Fast Roaming, Fast Handover

Managed Wireless Networks

Controllers with built-in PoE switch
  • Management Switches with built-in PoE
  • Manage and Monitor up to 50 Wireless Access Points
  • 8-24 Port Gigabit Switches

"It’s great to have a system that makes managing easy and allows for a great user experience, Eastwell is all about providing our customers with the best available.”

Gary Parrett of Eastwell Manor

Wireless Hotspots for your public spaces

To compliment the EnGenius Neutron Solution we offer a wireless Hotspot system, from Guest Internet Solutions, which you can use in conjunction with the EnGenius management solution:

Holiday ParkGIS Hotspot Features:
- Easy to install and run using wizards, hotel IT staff can handle installation without expert help
- Fully branded solution allowing login page to be seamlessly integrated with hotel web site
- Integration with Property Management Systems (PMS) via our API allows hotel to automatically create tickets at check-in
- Content management systems allow downloads of illegal and copyrighted content to be blocked
- Firewall to block guests from accessing business network (required for PCI-DSS compliance)
- Internet is shared fairly using bandwith controls. Guests can also pay a premium and upgrade to faster Internet
- Wi-Fi access point monitoring to alert staff of issues with WiFi coverage across the site.
- GIS Cloud allows integration between guest gateways and gateways used for events, in bar/restaurants or meeting rooms
- Usage reports showing data usage, devices used etc
- Ticket printers available for check-in desk or bar area

Click here to see our hotspot range from GIS

Small hotel

Engenius Neutron Solution - wide range of indoor and outdoor access points and management switches.

Normal retail price:

ex. VAT

For a small hotel an ideal starting point would be the EnGenius EWS2908P management controller/switch and four Access Points for indoors and an external Access point for the outside area. *

Larger hotel

Engenius Neutron Solution for schools and colleges

Normal retail price:

ex. VAT

For a larger hotel you could consider the EnGenius EWS1200-28TFP management controller/switch and 28 EL-EWS330AP access points, with the Edimax Long Range 8-Port Gigabit Web Managed Switch with 4 PoE+ Ports.*

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* Please note these solutions are suggestions only. All sites will require a site survey to establish their WiFi requirements.
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