IP Cameras

Engenius IP Cameras for all manner of properties...

including hotels, offices, homes, car dealerships, stables, farms, the list is endless!


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Security concerns top the agenda of many people and organisations today leading to an increased presence of surveillance cameras in homes and businesses alike. As surveillance systems become an integral part of the network, the need to quickly integrate them along with existing networks becomes increasingly important. The EnGenius IP Cameras integrate quickly and easily with existing EnGenius networks.

Solwise HomePlug RangeIdeal for use in homes, hotels, retail stores, warehouses, loading docks, residential facilities, car park or other locations that require 24/7 surveillance, the EnGenius IP Cameras will perform rain or shine, day or night.

To document insurance claims or provide law enforcement with video evidence, the IP Surveillance Cameras can snap HD JPEG images or record video clipsand send them via the network to a hard drive or NAS. Utilising its simultaneous dual stream capabilities can save bandwidth and reduce storage space while allowing for remote monitoring and recording via separate streams.

To address the threat of suspicious activity in places with multiple entry points, the IP Surveillance Cameras support a motion detected-trigger, which automatically activates a recording of the covered area ensuring all activity is monitored so employees, deliveries, and other assets arrive and depart safely and on time.Paired with the EnGenius’ EnViewer™ mobile app, available as a free download on the Apple® Store and Google™ Play Store, IT managers, shop owners and staff can remotely monitor their properties from anywhere, while on the go.

The included 16-Channel Video Management Software (VMS) provides live view monitoring, record, playback and quick search features. Up to 5 separate clients can simultaneously view live camera feeds from various locations, allowing security personnel or staff the flexibility to monitor cameras from multiple locations.

Organisations that want to monitor enclosed areas where many blind spots are present can benefit from utilizing the VMS since it allows minimal personnel to monitor the property while still maintaining the highest level of security.

Solwise HomePlug Range

Engenius IP Cameras for all manner of properties, including hotels, offices, homes, car dealerships, stables, farms, the list is endless!
  • Constant Vigilance

    up to 2-MP CMOS lens provides 1920 x 1080 HD performance

  • Place Almost Anywhere

    WiFi and PoE options available

  • Customize Viewing & Recording Options

    Each can be set to different frame-rates and image resolutions

  • Excellent Performance in Harsh Environments

    Outdoor cameras are IP66-rated

  • Monitor, Record and Search with 16-Channel Video Management Software (VMS)

    Monitor up to 16 camera streams in real-time with included Video Management Software.

  • Motion and Alarm Input Detection Triggers Provide Instant Proof

    Can be set to trigger recording or alert staff

  • Alarm Alerts & Push Notifications

    Integrate IP Camera with 3rd party digital alarms, sensors or other electronic devices that activate when motion detectors are triggered

  • Layer 2 Wireless Client Isolation

    High security connectivity prevents inter-client communication and snooping

  • Remotely View, Access Storage & Playback Videos

    Access and archive EnViewer videos via your smartphone

  • Easily Share with Colleagues, Law Enforcement and More

    Simply register managers and trusted staff and download the EnViewer App for additional eyes to remotely monitor locations 24/7 or as needed.

  • EnViewer App

    Generate a QR Code that requires no username or password so personnel can quickly access linked cameras for a faster response to issues needing immediate attention.

  • Phone Apps

    Free App for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices

  • Wide angle lens

    1 or 2 Megapixel options