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The ISDNLINK INET Router from AsusCom is an NAT Router/Internet Sharer with built-in, 4-port 10BaseT Hub and ISDN Terminal Adapter which allows unlimited numbers of LAN users shared access to the internet via one, inexpensive Internet dial-up account. In addition to using ISDN it also has a high speed WAN/Serial port for connection of an additional ISDNTA or analogue modem to give operation using standard phone lines and/or much higher connection bandwidth. The INET Routers are designed to provide an efficient low cost Internet Access solution for schools, and SOHO applications using either ISDN or a normal modem. Whether its email communication, downloading software, or just surfing the Internet, the ISDNLINK INET Routers from AsusCom provide the multiple user connection you need. 

ISDN Routers

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INET Routers have a built-in ISDN Terminal Adapter for quick and inexpensive connection to any ISDN2 or BT Highway line to give highspeed internet access for all your LAN users. Alternatively you can connect any standard modem to the router and then use a normal PSTN phone linefor the shared Internet access. With the INET router LAN users can access the Internet or Remote Server using the same IP address (via IP Sharing/NAT)i.e. for the cost of only one Internet account. 

Speed and Flexibility
With the built-in ISDN adapter and additional WAN (serial) port for connecting to another external ISDN TA or analogue modem the INETRouter can provide connection speeds from analogue modem speed up to 256Kbps(2 ISDN line connections, 2 x 128Kbps). The INET 850 also includes abuilt-in 4 port 10BaseT hub, allowing you to easily create a peer-to-peer network with Internet access and reduces excess hardware. 

Configuration and set-up is extremely simple using the built-in http server to configure the INET devices from any for LAN based computer.The INET Router also includes a DHCP Server to ease set-up of the client computers. 

  • Share single Dial-Up Account. Use a single dial-up account to give the same performance as multi-IP router system but at afraction of the cost.
  • Low set-up Costs. No expensive installation charges.Can be user installed in a few minutes.
  • No dedicated Server. No dedicated PC required to administer Internet access. The only hardware required is the INET router and your network.
  • Any OS. Works with any TCP/IP compliant network including Win95/98/NT, DOS/Win3.1, Mac, Novell, OS/2, and UNIX.
  • Up to 256K Internet Speed. Unlike standard routers the INET850 can connect to two different internet accounts to give a combined access bandwidth of 256K (2 ISDN lines at 128K each).
  • ISDN or PSTN. Works with either ISDN or normal modem in standard phone line.
  • Built-in Hub. The built-in 4-port hub saves the cost and additional wiring of a separate hub.
  • DHCP Server Support. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol provides a dynamic IP address to PCs and other devices upon request.
  • Multi Segment LAN Support. If you have a Router, PCs on other LAN segments can use the INET router to access the Internet.
  • Dial-On-Demand & Auto-Disconnect. A connection is established to the Internet as required, and automatically disconnected when no longer needed. This reduces on-line charges to the minimum possible level.
  • PPP Authentication. This is used to validate the log-onto your Internet Service Provider.
  • Intelligent B Channel Utilisation. Internet access will automatically switch between 1 or 2 B channels, depending on the data traffic volume.
  • Easy Set-up. Use your WEB browser from anywhere on the LAN for configuration.
  • Remote Monitoring. Internet access via the ISDN link, or serial port usage, can be monitored from any workstation on the LAN.
  • Configuration Data. Optional password protection is provided to prevent unauthorised users from modifying the configuration.

  • Firewall Protection. All incoming data packets are monitored and all incoming server requests are filtered, thus protecting your network from malicious attacks from external sources.
ISDN Network
D Channel signaling
Euro-ISDN (DSS1, 1TR6), Japan (INS-64), US (NI-1, NI-2, AT&T 5ESS, Nortel DMS-100)
ISDN Interface
2B+D S/T interface
Analog Port
  Two analog ports connecting to analog telephone, fax, modem, or answer machine
  FSK signaling for showing CALLER ID (option)
Additional WAN (serial) port
  Async RS-232 upto 230.4Kbps to ISDN TA or analog modem
HUB port
  4 ports + 1 UPLINK port HUB (10Base-T, UTP)
Internet Access
IP sharing Share a single Internet connection within your entire network, (NAT routing)
Minimal security NAT firewall
Link security PAP/CHAP
Dial-on-demand automatically dial up to ISP when any local or remote node users want to access Internet. Disconnect when it's idle during a specified time-out value which is configured by user
PPP and MultiLink PPP  
Bandwidth-on-demand Depend on the data flow in the B channel, it will establish another B channel for better performance. This additional B channel will be disconnected if the data flow is slow, there is an incoming voice call, or there is an outgoing voice call request to let user have the high priority voice service and save money.
DHCP Server Built in DHCP server : automaticlly provide a valid IP address, Gateway address and DNS addresses for clients PCs,
  To access two separated Internet accounts at that same time
Printer Server
  Built-in Print server function: peer to peer printing support for Win95/98/NT over TCP/IP for INET-850.
Web-based management supported HTTP 1.0 agent for multiplatform clients such as Win95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, DOS/Win3.1, Mac, OS/2, UNIX, Linux
  Software (Firmware) upgrade
  Watch dog timer for self-reset
H/W specification
LAN Interface 10 Mbit/Sec Ethernet (10Base-T, UTP)
HUB 4 ports and 1 uplink port
WAN Interface 1x ISDN BRI S/T Interface and 1x serial port (DB-9)
Printer Interface 1 parallel port (36 pins)
Analog Interface 2 POTS ports with FSK CALLER ID, REN=3 (OPTION)
Software upgrade Via built-in flash ROM through LAN
Power requirement DC 12V, 1A
12 LEDs (Power, error, link, collision, SD, RD, CD, ISDN_Link, B1, B2, Analog1 (option), Analog 2 (option), HUB status LED on the rear side.
DIP switch 1x 5 DIP switch ( 2 for ISDN and 2 for NAT/PS)
Watch dog timer self-reset