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iBusiness Security Gateway SMB

BiGuard 30 is a rack-mountable device integrated with cutting-edge technology including Load Balancing, VPN and Firewall for central sites to establish office network and connect with branch offices, remote dial up and tele-workers. It is designed for business requiring application-based network solutions at low-capital investment and is perfectly catering to the needs of small and medium sized business.

Inbound & Outbound Load Balancing for bandwidth optimization and network resilience
Automatic Failover for network redundancy to keep your Internet connection always online
Policy-based traffic management
Support up to 30 IPSec VPN connections
IPSec VPN throughput is up to 30 Mbps+
Robust Firewall security to protect office network
E-mail alert and logs of attack
Quality of Service (QoS) control
DMZ support for public servers to be visible to the outside world
Easy-to-use Web interface for administrator to manage network security
Rack-mounted support
Ideal for small and medium sized business



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Further Specifications
Increased Bandwidth, Scalability and Resilience
Dual WAN ports enable BiGuard 30 to combine two broadband lines (e.g. ADSL or Cable Modem) into one Internet connection to perform optimal bandwidth sharing for multiple PCs in your office, or to provide network redundancy in case one connection should fail. Load balancing feature is designed for SMB in Billion's BiGuard 30 to provide the ability to balance the workload by distributing incoming traffic across the two connections. It is to meet growing business requiring more bandwidth, network scalability and resilience for mission-critical or Internet-business applications. Auto failover feature can be configured for a second connection to ensure redundant connectivity when the primary line fails. It helps sustain business uptime and productivity to provide uninterrupted flow of service to your customers, while minimizing the risk of business loss.
Virtual Private Network Support
BiGuard 30 supports comprehensive and robust IPSec VPN protocols for business to establish private encrypted tunnels over the public Internet to ensure data transmission security among multiple sites, such as branch office or dial-up. BiGuard 30's VPN feature supports up to 30 simultaneous IPSec VPN connections, with performance up to 30 Mbps+.
Rich Firewall Security to Protect Your Network
BiGuard 30 is an intelligent broadband sharing gateway with integrated firewall protection, while simultaneously offering features such as Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Denial of Service (DoS) and Filtering. Built-in Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) determines if a data packet is allowed through the firewall to the private LAN. It protects against hackers attack by Denial of Service to allow private LAN securely connected to the Internet. urthermore, the firewall provides e-mail alert service to notify you whenever attacks occur.
Traffic Prioritization and Bandwidth Management
Quality of Service (QoS) gives users the full control over which type of outgoing data traffic given priority by the router, ensuring important data like customer information, or management information move through the device at lightning speed, even under heavy load. The transmission speed can be throttled both inbound and outbound data passed through the router to ensure users not to saturate uploading bandwidth, or office browsing not bring client web serving to a halt. In addition, the priority type of upload data can be changed in order to let the router sort out the actual speeds.
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