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VPN Firewall Broadband Router with 4-port Switch
Broadband Sharing with 4-port Fast Ethernet Switch
SOHO Firewall Security with DoS Prevention
Parental Control with URL Blocking and Packet Filtering
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Compliant
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)
PPPoE, PPTP and DHCP Client Connections to ISP
Ideal for residential and office users


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Sharing High-speed Internet/Intranet Access Everywhere
The BiPAC 6500 Broadband Firewall Gateway provides SOHO and residential users an ideal solution for sharing a high-speed broadband Internet connection among dozens of stations in an Ethernet backbone. Supporting PPPoE/PPTP/DHCP client protocols, the BiPAC 6500 can easily connect to your broadband ISP and get a dynamic IP address which is then shared by all local stations while employing NAT technology. Powered by Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS), you can even set up a Web/FTP/Email server at home or in the office, and the server can be accessed by the domain name, not the annoying dynamic IP address.

Secure Communications with Powerful Firewall and VPN
The BiPAC 6500 not only offers NAT natural firewall but also provides powerful firewall functions, including rich packet filtering and Denial of Service hacker attack blocking. When attacked, it will instantly send alert by email and log the event with timestamp derived from Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP). Besides support of VPN pass-through, the BiPAC 6500 includes embedded VPN protocols, such as IPSec and PPTP client, for establishing a private tunnel over the public Internet to ensure transmission security between two or more sites.

Smart Control, Protection and Alert
The BiPAC 6500 supports Dial-on-Demand and Idle Timer in PPPoE and PPTP dial-up protocols to control the connection usage and save cost. Powered by URL blocking and packet filtering, the BiPAC 6500 Firewall Gateway supports parental control to Internet access according to web addresses, web address keywords or the time of a day. It ensures your family or company a safe surfing environment by alerting the administrator to any Internet access violation.

Simple Installation, Configuration and Management
The built-in 4-port switch with automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover makes the BiPAC 6500 easily connected to a few wired stations without additional hub and cumbersome crossover cables. Supporting DHCP server, it automatically assigns IP addresses to local stations without re-configuring them. With friendly Web Configurator, the BiPAC 6500 is extremely easy to configure and manage under Windows 95/98/98SE/NT/2000/Me/XP, Mac OS, Unix and Linux, even from a remote site. Furthermore, future firmware with new or improved features can also be upgraded via the Web Configurator.

Replacement Power Suppy code - PSU046
(PSU051 will also work)