Neutron = Flexible

In 2018 we have seen some exciting updates with the EnGenius Neutron Managed Solution. As the UK Distributor Solwise is pleased to bring you the headlines.

EnGenius Neutron Solution

Access Points
EnGenius introduced the EWS330AP to the Neutron AP range this summer.EWS330AP
The EWS330AP is a Dual Band Wireless Managed Indoor Access Point
giving you 11ac Wave 2 speeds of 400Mbps over 2.4GHz and 867Mbps over 5GHz. We see Power over Ethernet Compliance with 802.3af & 48V PoE Input for flexible installation over 100 metres. The EWS330Ap can be managed by either the EWS Neutron Switch or via ezMaster without licensing or subscriptions fees.

Additionally the newest access points from EnGenius are the EAP1250, EAP1300 and the EAP1300EXT. All three offer you Wave 2 connection with 400Mbps over the 2.4GHz frequency and 867Mbps over 5GHz.  They allow for standalone use or they can be managed from Neutron Controllers and the ezMaster software.  


The significant improvement with the 802.11ac wave 2.0 is MU -MIMO technology, which enhances a dramatic break-through in the performance and flexibility of the transmission to wireless client devices. MU -MIMO allows multiple spatial streams to be allocated to different clients simultaneously thereby increasing total throughput, reducing latency, improving capacity of the Wireless system and increasing spectral efficiency.

Beamforming is standard in 802.11ac wave 2.0 which allows Access Points to focus energy of multiple antennas to transmit to a particular client device.  The innovative technology significantly enhances the higher signal-to-noise ratio and greater throughput of that client.

The EWS330AP, EAP1250 and EAP1300 all give you high-gain 360° omni-directional antennas built-in and

EAP1250 in situ

the EAP1300EXT allows you change to higher gain antennas with 2 connectors for 2.4GHz and 2 connectors for 5GHz.  All four are wall or ceiling mount with the package including the fixing mounts.  The access points can be powered over Ethernet giving you complete flexibility on where you mount them.



Management Switches/Controllers
EnGenius have brought us three new switch/controllers in the Neutron solution. We have two that are non-PoE giving you the flexibility of using your own Power over Ethernet switches that you may already have in place. The non-PoE offerings are 8 or 24 gigabit ports and with additional SFP ports.


The newest PoE switch offers you 48 gigabit ports and a PoE budget of 410W. All three switch/controllers allow you to centrally manage wired or wireless devices connected to them.

Lifetime Warranty
EnGenius introduced a Lifetime Warranty for the full Neutron products for any purchases after 1st May 2017.  EnGenius have not set a registration deadline to give you more 'time- frame flexibility' but you do need to apply within the 2 years of the standard warranty.

EnGenius Lifetime Warranty


Certified Installers
With Solwise offering an ongoing training programme for EnGenius Neutron Certified Installers the list of resellers/installers offering bespoke solutions Certified Installer logoto a wide range of end users from hotels, schools, industrial parks and even in large homes has grown exponentially this year. This growing list has seen the list of case studies grow too – see how others are using the Neutron Solution to great effect.