Networking with Teltonika

Networking with Teltonika

Networking with Teltonika

Teltonika are very well known for their excellent range of industrial 4G/5G LTE mobile routers, but what you might not be aware of is that they also manufacture a great variety of industrial networking equipment, such as network switches, Ethernet routers and coming soon a range of Wireless Access Points.

Teltonika's network switches all share the same key details - an industrial aluminium housing that make them reliable in a great many scenarios while also allowing them to be easily DIN rail mounted. Most of them can also be powered by a wide range of voltages, with some capable of being powered from anywhere between 9v-to-30v and even 7v-to-57v, enhancing their versatility.

Among the more niche switches manufactured by Teltonika are a range of pocket-size DIN rail switches and a range of PoE switches with a 60W power budget.

Similarly, to the network switches, Teltonika's powerful Ethernet routers also share some common features including the industrial rail-mountable housing, the wide range of potential voltage inputs, VLAN support and compatibility with Teltonika's Remote Management System (RMS). One of these Ethernet routers, the RUTX10, also supports WiFi.

See the full range of Teltonika networking hardware, available from Solwise here:

Author: Daniel Coombs