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HW-NSI-22X - Non-stop IP Switch - auto power cycle - Discontinued Item

  • One press protect, no internet setup required.
  • Functional out of the box!
  • Maintain a continuous internet connection by resetting power to outlets when internet freezes
  • Control outlets using either; browser or Google Talk (Hangout)
  • Option to PING LAN IP or WAN IP
  • Schedule ON / OFF, by day / by time.
  • Perform sequential power ON / OFF
  • Free Domain Name service
  • Sends e-mail notifications

The Non-stop IP Switch (NSIPswitch) is designed to automatically power-cycle its outlet when either; a) the internet connectivity is lost, or b) the network device crashes. It acts like a watch-dog, making sure that the network device monitored is responding.

It is useful for auto-resetting your router/modem to regain connectivity. Technicians can also use the NSIPswitch to remotely turn On/Off/Reset power. The switch is a functional addition for system integrators, internet service providers, VoIP/ITP providers, or simply for xDSL users with IP phone, IP camera or personal web server.

The NSIPswitch is primarily designed to for monitoring router responsiveness. The setup is a simple 1-2-3 process of:

1. Connect the Router Power input and the LAN cable to the NSIPswitch.
2. Check internet LED is blinking to show that internet is accessible.
3. Press 'UIS On/Off', and NSIPswitch does the monitoring!

No need to install software or go thru setup wizards!

The NSIPswitch will constantly check on a number of websites and should the network connection be lost or overloaded resulting in severe lag the NSIPswitch will automatically reset the outlet, thereby resetting the Router and Modem (if connected).

For more settings and features, you can log into the NSIPswitch's comprehensive web user interface. In LAN, simply type the product name http://NSIPswitch. There is no need to know the NSIPswitch LAN IP!

From the user interface you can;
• Configure the PING sites, the outlet reset interval, how the two outlet resets and more.
• Configure the network settings for remote access.
• Configure e-mail notification
• Set account login and passwords for Administrator or Viewer
• Configure Google Talk function
• Schedule power On / Off / Reset
• save settings and change language.



Quick Installation Guide Download here 20.06.16
User Manual Download here 20.06.16
Utility Download here 20.06.16