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PLA-14WCAM - VeseNET 14Mbps Home Plug Camera

The Home Plug  IP Camera Server operates on the Home Plug Power line Specification 1.0 standard, speed up to 14Mbps bandwidth over home AC wiring. Since the home power lines are the most pervasive medium in households with multiple outlets in every room, the Home Plug IP Camera Server allows remote video surveillance without any additional wiring. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a standard browser by entering the IP, account and password. With its built-in web-server, The Home Plug IP Camera Server can stream video images directly to the Internet without have to go thru a computer. It features a Windows-based software that allows the user to archive streaming video directly into the hard-drive. The same software also allows the user to monitor multiple cameras on one screen. These units are sold as singles, you will require at least two Home Plug devices to create your network.

The installation of the IP Camera Server only requires a standard browser. This makes the Home Plug IP Camera Server compatible with any device including Mac, Windows, and Unix machines. For security, the Home Plug devices are equipped with 56-bit DES encryption. The private home power grid plus encryption makes Home Plug significantly more secure than competing technologies. The Home Plug IP Camera Server is the best solution for No-New-Wires home networking. With easy Plug and Play installation, no need for new wires.


    • Up to 14 Mbps over home power lines 100V ~ 240V
    • Integrated Web Server
    • Web-Based Remote Access Using Any Java Enabled Web Browser
    • Motion Detection and Email Notification Function
    • Home Plug Powerline specification 1.0 compliant, this means they are interoperable with other Home Plug 1.0 devices including the Solwise own brand.
VeseNET Home Plug IP Camera
VeseNET Home Plug IP Camera
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Editors Choice - May 2007

Network Interface Home Plug Powerline
Installation Plug-and-Play
Certifications Home Plug Powerline Specification 1.0
Housing Plastic
  • Built-In Web Server
  • Support Any Java-Enabled Web Browser
  • 0.30um CMOS sensor - 5.04um x 5.04um active square pixel
  • VGA resolution, total pixel array size is 652x492, and 652x488 pixels are active
  • 1/4 inch optical format, Bayer RGB color filter array Micro-lens for high sensitivity
  • 10-bit Digital Image Signal Data Bus
  • Max Frame Rate: 10 frames at 25Mhz Master Clock (VGA)
  • Low fixed pattern noise by correlated double sampling
  • Auto black level compensation
  • Lens vignetting compensation
  • Advanced color interpolation, color adjustment function and 2D edge enhancement
  • Auto bad-pixel cancellation
  • Hardwired super-resolution filter
  • Real time baseline JPEG compression
  • Operating temperature: 0C to 45C
  • Operating humidity: 10% to 90% non condensing
  • Frequency Band: 4.3 MHz - 20.9 MHz
  • Modulation: OFDM Modulation
  • Encryption: 56-bit Data Encryption with Key management
  • LED display: Reset, Link, RX, TX, Power, Home Plug
  • Software utility: IP-Cam utility, DVR setup utility*, JAVA and Home Plug Utility: Device detect/diagnostic, Network Password setup for local and Remote device Windows 2000, ME, NT, or XP for initial setup

*DVR setup utility' - this is a chargeable optional extra

Certification FCC, CE
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Home Plug Utility
The utility does not currently work with Vista.
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