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Solwise PL-85PE 85Mbps Ethernet Home Plug Adapter

85Mbps Ethernet Home Plug Adapter. The Solwise PL-85PE Home Plug Ethernet Adaptor provides No New Wires communications to any room, over the electricity cables, at the speed of up to 85Mbps. Home Plug Powerline specification 1.0 compliant, this means they are interoperable with other Home Plug 1.0 devices including the VeseNET range.

Targeted at the residential users, it is utilizing Intellon INT5500 high-speed powerline chipset and patented PowerPacket OFDM technology. Fully compatible with Home Plug 1.0 Specifications and specially tailored to deliver speed up to 85Mbps over the most difficult powerline communication environment.

Built-in Quality of Service (QOS) features also provides the necessary bandwidth for multimedia payloads including TV over IP (IPTV), higher data rate broadband sharing, Online-Gaming, VoIP Calls, extending Wireless LANs coverage, Audio-Video transmission across the network as well as Network camera connectivity.

Easy to install and use, it plugs straight in to any existing wall electrical socket while having a low power consumption, it comes with 56 bit DES encryption ensuring that your network communications is free from eavesdroppers and hackers. The AutoMDI/MDIX functionality of the PL-85PE also simplifies and ensures a hassle free installation. You will require at least two Home Plug devices to create your network.
Download the Solwise Home Plug 1.0 vs Home Plug AV performance and features comparison
PL-85PE Pair
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NET-PL-85PE - (Single Unit)
UK Plug - 3 pins
(Includes 1.8m patch lead)
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NET-PL-85PE-TWIN - (Twin Pack)
UK Plug - 3 pins
(Includes 2x1.8m patch leads)
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Making full use of Home Plug around your home

Home Plug 1.0 specification, IEEE 802.3 10/100 Ethernet (100Mbps) and IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet Compliant

10/100 Mbps AutoMDI/MDIx Support

85Mbps Home Plug 1.0 compatible

Modulation Support OFDM 256/64/16, DQPSK, DBPSK and ROBO Modulation Scheme
Frequency Band 4.3 Mhz to 20.9 Mhz band
Quality of Service

Forward Error Correction (FEC) support

Channel Adaptation ensures that signal integrity is maintained even under harsh noise environment

CSMA/CA with prioritization and ARQ for reliable delivery of Ethernet packets via Packet Encapsulation

Four Level prioritized random access method

Segment bursting and contention-free access ensures high throughput while maintaining low latency response and jitter performance

Security Support 56 bit DES Encryption with key management for secure powerline communications (Utilise Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista to enable encryption)

Intellon INT5500 Integrated Single-chip Powerline Network Transceiver

Intellon INT1200 Analog Front End IC


OS Independent with TCP/IP protocol installed. ( Download the utility for Vista below )


Switch Mode 90V-264V Supply for Europe/UK/US/Australia plugs
LED Indicators

1 x Power LED

1 x Powerline Activity Status LED

1 x Ethernet Link/Activity Status LED


Operating : 0 o to 40 o Celsius

32 o to 104 o Fahrenheit

Non-Operating : -25 o to 70 o Celsius

-13 o to 158 o Fahrenheit


Operating : 30% to 80% Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing)

Non-Operating : 30% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing)

I have just purchased two of your 85Mbps Home Plug adapters. I ordered over the internet on Monday morning and they were at home waiting for me when I got home from work on Tuesday evening. I connected one to my router - took about a minute. So far so good. I plugged the second one in next to my computer in the 'den' above my garage, about 70m away from
the house but all wired in. The light came on to signify it had made a connection with the other Home Plug. Plugged the other end into my ethernet port on the computer. And hey presto, connected to my network. The hardest work in all this was walking to the garage!!! I am totally amazed by both your level of service and the simplicity with which this all happened. I had no idea your product even existed until a work colleague mentioned Home Plugs. I will definitely be recommending them to anybody who is setting up a network. Many thanks for your service.
Comment recieved from Paul Davison (Retail Customer)
"I've been using six Solwise PL-85PE 85Mbps Ethernet Home Plug Adapters for the last few months. They connect together a Mac iBook in my wife's office, laptops used in the lounge and bedrooms, the Linux network in my office, the laser printer in the hallway, the two PCs in my son's room and, of course, the broadband router. Unlike the Wi-Fi network they replaced the adapters have been reliable, trouble-free, trivially easy to set up and suffer no signal attenuation or blackspots.

Thanks for an excellent product."

Comment recieved from Lincoln Rickwood (Retail Customer)
'I have to say I am impressed with the devices. I plugged one in the house next to the ADSL router (off an extension lead) and the other in my office which is 150ft away from the house on a separate spur and has a local distribution box (again this one was on an extension lead to get it near the office switch). Without doing anything else, the network came alive and the office now shares the house internet connection. Later I installed the client software and discovered, to my delight, that they were connection at 39Mbps. So, in all I am very impressed with the product and your service; well done.'
Comment recieved from Simon Smith (Retail Customer)
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June 2006

'The Solwise PL-85PE units behaved precisely as one has come to expect with the Home Plug devices, they are proving to be some of the simplest to use networkng devices we have seen.Reliability wise, the units seem flawless, and able to cope with heavy network use. '

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Home Plug Alliance Technical White Paper for Home Plug 1.0 Download here
Vista utility for 32 and 64bit
Notes for Install:
When you need to run the utility upon installation, you will have to
run the application as administrator.
1. right click on the application
2. click on "Run as Administrator"
Download here 09.07.07
CE Certificate Download here 01.09.05
User Manual Download here 18.08.05
Set-up Utility Download here 18.08.05