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Solwise 500AV HomePlug Adapters with SmartLink

  • Single Ethernet Port
  • Atheros AR7400 and AR1500 chipset
  • Link Quality Colour LED
  • Ideal if you have particularly noisy mains
  • Push button for SimpleConnect
  • 2 network cables included
  • 2 year warranty


Twin pack


The Solwise NET-PL-500AV-SMT-TWIN HomePlug AV 500Mbps can transform your home power lines into a networking infrastructure. HomePlug is a fast and simple way to connect to the Internet with easy connection between your computers, games consoles, laptops, smart phones anywhere in your home where you have a mains socket.

You need at least two HomePlugs to create the connection. Traditionally, one plug is connected to your Internet router, the 2nd plug is placed in the remote area, such as your lounge, study or kitchen. The Plug connected to the router, takes the Internet signal and transfers it along your mains wiring, the 2nd plug takes the signal and distributes it via the Gigabit Ethernet port directly to your device.

The Solwise 500AV-SMT SmartLink engine incorporate an Atheros AR7400 chipset and two AR1500 AFEs, making it capable of transmitting over the standard Live-Neutral configuration or over Live- Protective Earth. It automatically selects the best path for communication along your mains giving you improved network coverage in even the most challenging powerline environments. It features faster processing power, Gigabit Ethernet host interfaces and enhanced analog front end.

This Solwise 500AV adapter is compliant with IEEE1901 and Homeplug AV, allowing hassle free compatibility with existing Homeplug AV devices and other suppliers of HomePlug AV devices.  The AR7400 includes a faster processor and high speed interface. With these added high performance abilities, the 500AV adapter is perfect for the ultra-high speed High Definition entertainment network in your home.

Enhanced Quality of Service (QOS) provides the guaranteed bandwidth required for multimedia including TV over IP (IPTV), higher data rate broadband sharing, Online- Gaming, VoIP Calls, extending Wireless coverage, Audio-Video transmission across the network as well as Network camera connectivity.

The Solwise 500AV adapters all have a configuration push button for a convenient way of creating a secure HomePlug network without the need to use software. Security support is by 128-bit AES Hardware encryption, ensuring the network is secure.

For Power Saving, the 500AV-SMT complies with the European Code of Conduct (CoC) on Energy Efficiency and the European Union’s Energy-using Products (EuP) Directive for low power, green energy operation.

Remember, you will need at least two HomePlug devices to form a HomePlug connection. More HomePlug AV devices can be added to further share your network.

Customer Comment

'Wow Wow Wow and Bloody WOW. So far I have to report SMT are the bees knees. Not one single drop out, I tried wedding photos down the tube first, pausing going back restarting not a single problem. Music was the same, everything delivered perfectly, so the big test a 6gb film, perfect streaming, pause, start, fast forward, rewind, jump to, all worked perfectly. I know it's early days but I am very very pleased with these plugs. The only thing I would like is an easier to press connection button, my TV set up is a struggle to get by to actually press such a small button. However once done the sky it seems is the limit.
I've connected my Samsung u46 f8500 tv to the internet and of course my pc with these plugs and I've nothing but massive praise for them so far.'
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Standards IEEE 1901/HomePlug AV
Co- existence with HomePlug 1.0 Nodes
IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000 Ethernet (1Gbps)
10/100/1000 Mbps AutoMDI/MDIX Support
Compliant to EuP
Chipset Atheros AR7400 (1pc) + AR1500 (2pcs) chipset

TDMA channel access with Contention–Free and Contention-Based (CSMA/CA) period
Channel Adaptation ensures that signal integrity is maintained even under harsh noise environment
Four Level prioritized random access method based on contention access and multi- segment
Hardware VLAN, ToS and CoS Packet Classifier and IP Port Number
Supports IGMP managed multicast session
Quasi Error Free Delivery for IPTV service

LAN Port

1 x RJ45 for 10/100/1000 Ethernet (AutoMDI/MDI-X)


1 x Bicolor Power LED
1 x Bicolor Powerline Link/Activity Status LED
1 x Bicolor Ethernet Link/Activity Status LED


1 x Simple Connect Push Button (Set up network password automatically)
1 x Factory Default Reset Button

Power Consumption 4.5 Watt (230Vac)
Operating temperature

0° to 40° Celsius
32° to 104° Fahrenheit

Non-operating temperature

-25° to 70° Celsius
-13° to 158° Fahrenheit

Platform Support OS Independent with TCP/IP protocol installed
Dimensions 62 mm x 92 mm x 42 mm
Warranty *2 year warranty on sales from 1st December 2013
How to reset the Private Network name Download here 04.03.13
Power Pack Utility - for setting passwords if required. It covers all Windows operating systems only. It also shows connected HomePlug and the link quality. Download here 05.12.11
Power Packet Utility 7 Upgrade - you MUST have a previous version of Power Packet Utility installed before you install this Download here 03.07.13
CD Contents, including Power Pack Utility - for setting passwords if required. It covers all Windows operating systems only. It also shows connected HomePlug and the link quality. Please note this is a massive file and will take some time to download. Download here 02.01.13
User Manual Download here 02.01.13
Easy Start Guide Download here 20.09.12
PC Pro WebLinkDownload PDF

PC Pro

November 2012



Why can buying a HomePlug be so complicated? Surely a plug is just a plug, don't they all do the same thing?

Why can buying a HomePlug be so complicated? Surely a 200AV plug is just a plug, don’t they all do the same thing? Why are they all so different in price when at the end of the day they all look the same?  Well the truth is, although they might all look much the same, the inside can vary immensely from plug to plug.  What many people don’t understand is that there are different chipset levels.

What is a chipset? A chipset is a set of electronic components in an integrated circuit that manages the data flow between the processor, memory and peripherals.  Chipsets are usually designed to work with a specific family of microprocessors. Because it controls communications between the processor and external devices, the chipset plays a crucial role in determining system performance.

What this actually means in the real world is that a chipset is the piece inside the HomePlug that makes it work and sets the specification level of the plug.  Read More

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