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Solwise PL-14PE 14Mbps Home Plug Adapter

14Mbps Ethernet Home Plug Adapter. Home Plug Powerline specification 1.0 compliant, this means they are interoperable with other Home Plug 1.0 devices including the VeseNET range.

This Home Plug to Ethernet Bridge adapter converts any power socket into a network point enabling broadband internet sharing to any existing Cable/DSL router, extension of the DSL/Cable modem installation, On-line gaming, VoIP Calls, Audio/Video transmission across the network as well as Network camera connectivity. The adapter is easy to install and use. It plugs straight into any existing electrical wall socket while having lower power consumption; it comes with 56 bit DES encryption ensuring that your network communications are free from eavesdroppers and hackers. The autoMDI/MDIX functionality of the device also simplifies and ensures a hassle free installation. Pack includes 1 x 1.8m Ethernet cable. MAC version of the Utility Programme available to download . These units are sold as singles, you will require at least two Home Plug devices to create your network.

Customer Comment - '... this morning got the power line adapters. Took me 45 sec to be up and running in my spare bedroom which did not have
a phone connection, bloody brilliant !'

Anthony Meredith (Retail Customer)

Download the Solwise Home Plug 1.0 vs Home Plug AV performance and features comparison

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UK Plug - 3 pins
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Customer Comment - 'Delighted to report that the PL-14E appears to work flawlessly with net2plug! Installation was a breeze. I programmed the PL-14E with the same password as the existing net2plug, then restarted the computers to access the new network address direct from the hub. Browsing speed is dramatically increased now the data no longer flows through a shared computer. All our machines can now play high-resolution video from the BBC website.' Chris Beesley Retail Customer
Protocols/Standards Home Plug 1.0 specification. IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet (10Mbps) Compliant
10 Mbps AutoMDI/MDIx Support
14 Mbps Home Plug 1.0 compatible
CSMA/CA MAC control
Modulation Support OFDM, DQPSK, DBPSK, ROBO Carrier Modulation Support
Frequency Band 4.3 MHz to 20.9 MHz band
Quality of Service Forward Error Correction (FEC) support
Channel Adaption ensures that signal integrity is maintained even under harsh noise environment
CSMA/CA with prioritisation and ARQ for reliable delivery of Ethernet packets via Packet Encapsulation
Four Level prioritised random access method
Segment bursting and contention-free access ensures high throughput while maintaining low latency response and jitter performance.
Security Support 56 bit DES Encryption with key management for secure powerline communications (utilise Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP to enable encryption)
Platform Support OS Independent with TCP/IP protocol installed. The utility does not currently work with Vista.
Power Supply Integrated 230V AC Supply via power socket for Europe/UK model
LED Indicators 1 x power LED
1 x PowerLine Link Status LED
1 x Ethernet Link / Activity Status LED
External Connectors 1 x Electrical Power Socket
1 x RJ45 for 10 Base-T Ethernet (AutoMDI-X)
14 Mbps Home Plugs will not work with Switches/Hubs that only have 100mbps only ports. (Most hubs have 10/100 ports.)
Vista Setup Utility - 32bit version
Notes for Install:
When you need to run the utility upon installation, you will have to
run the application as administrator.
1. right click on the application
2. click on "Run as Administrator"
Download here 06.03.07
CE Certificate Download here
CD Contents, including manuals and Windows utility programme Download here
MAC OS Configuration Utility is Version 1.21 released for OS X Version 10.2 and above. Download here