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Phonex NeverWire 14 Powerline Ethernet Bridge
The NeverWire 14 uses the existing home A/C wiring to pass digital signals between Ethernet enabled devices, without running new wire. This facilitates sharing a single high-speed Internet modem among multiple computers, sharing data files, streaming audio/video as well as playing interactive computer games between PCs. The NeverWire 14 allows you the flexibility to place a computer anywhere in your home or small office with flawless, uninterrupted high-speed Internet access, simply by plugging your computer into any NeverWire equipped A/C outlet. The NeverWire 14 can also be easily installed by anyone within minutes. For use in all European Union Countries.

Neverwire are one of the best known brand and most established provider of Home Plug products. Connecting the devices does not require any configuration software, just press the 'Register' button on each unit, within a 5-minute period, to form your secure private network .

PowerLine neverwire 14
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Further Specifications
14 Mbps maximum bit rate
Comparable to Ethernet speeds
Ethernet interface
Supports up to 16 nodes per network
Customer installable external device
Requires no computer disassembly
One button, 56 bit DES encryption/decryption ensures security and privacy
Phonex proprietary protocol facilitates upgrades and service diagnostics
HUB/PC switching allows the NeverWire 14 to connect directly to cable modems or PCs.
MAC compatible (no software required)


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