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Solwise 500AV Twisted Pair Ethernet common mode

  • Up to 95Mbps TCP data rates
  • Data Transmission over standard twisted pair wires e.g. Cat5, telephone
  • Cable length up to 1.5Km
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet Interface. RJ12 sockets for twisted pair connectivity
  • Supports integrated delivery of quality assurance (QoS) features and fuctions of Multicast and IGMP
  • Upto 16 points sharing the same wire
  • 128 bits AES data encryption and key management technology
  • Peer to Peer network infrastructure
  • Plug and Play set-up
  • 2 year warranty*



If you look at the scenario image above this illustrates a typical wiring layout. In this example the twisted pair wire used is an active telephone wire which has three extensions running from the same PSTN (phone) line. In this example (this might be distributing the internet to several rooms in a large house) the first Twisted Pair home plug unit takes a network cable from the internet source modem/router. In this example this happens to be at the same point where the main telephone line comes in (as it often will be where the broadband is coming as ADSL over the main phone line) so the telephone line connects to the TEL port on the Twisted Pair unit (if this IS a phone line which carries ADSL then you need to ensure that the phone line connection is made through a DSL splitter). Then the wiring to each telephone extension connects via the PLC port on the home plug device. At each extension, to convert back to a network and phone connection you connect the active telephone wire to the PLC port. The telephone at the extension connects to the TELK port and the network connection to the LAN port.

If you have an extension where you want to connect a phone to the active line but don't need a network connection (so the expense of installing a Twisted Pair Homeplug unit would be a waste) then a quality DSL splitter (note the word 'quality') can be used to isolate off the telephone signals from the extension wire (as illustrated above).

Customer comment
'...... may I say that we found the 2 wire ethernet PL-TP-E500's to be a brilliant piece of kit. Easy to install and the connection over approx. 180M is running at 100MB.' Noel, Reseller Customer

Download Specification Datasheet
Network Standards home plug AV
IEEE802.3-10M Ethernet, IEEE802.3u - 100M Fast Ethernet, IEEE802.3x
Connectors Ethernet: One RJ45 Port
home plug AV: Two RJ12 Ports, one for PLC and the other for Phoneline by-pass
Transmission Speed 500Mbps (2-68MHz) PHY, up to 95Mbps TCP
Transmission Distance Upto 1500m
Quality of Service TAG VLAN Pass Through
Priority Mapping based on IEEE802.1p/IP TOS/Diffserv
Fast Ethernet Interface 10/100Mbps, MDI/MDI-X Auto Crossover
Indicators Power LED, Ethernet Link/Activity LED, PLC Link/Activity LED
Power Requirements 12VDC, Consumption <3 Watts
Certificates FCC Part 15, ROHS, CE
Dimensions 120mm (w) x 75mm (D) x 30mm (H)
Unit weight 110g
Warranty *2 year warranty on sales from 1st December 2013
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