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Solwise 200AV HomePlug Adapter

  • 3 Ethernet Ports
  • Simple Connect
  • Atheros / Intellon INT6400 high-speed powerline chipset
  • 1 network cable included



Single Pack


The Solwise Home Plug Ethernet Adaptor provides No New Wires communications to any room, over any powerline wires, at the speed of up to 200Mbps.

Targeted at the residential users, the Solwise Home Plug AV unit is using Intellons INT6400 high-speed powerline chipset. With transfer rates of 200Mbps, Ethernet Home Plug AV can easily support full multimedia home networking throughout the whole house including simultaneous High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) video distribution, whole-house audio, Voice Over IP and high speed Internet in addition to data networking. It uses the power lines already installed in a home as a path to transmit digital data, voice, audio and video between devices.

Enhanced Quality of Service (QOS) also provides the guaranteed bandwidth reservations for multimedia payloads including TV over IP (IPTV), higher data rate broadband sharing, Online-Gaming, VoIP Calls, extending Wireless LANs coverage, Audio-Video transmission across the network as well as Network camera connectivity.

It is a plug, push and play solution that can be used wherever there is a wall socket, acting just like a physical network cable, streaming bandwidth to any room in the house. I t comes with a 128-bit AES encryption ensuring that your network communications is free from eavesdroppers and hackers. The Auto MDI/MDIX functionality of the Solwise Home Plug AV also simplifies and ensures a hassle free installation.

The Solwise Home Plug AV offers SimpleConnect - a simpler way to set up your Home Plug network. With just the press of a button, Home Plug AV devices can create or join a secure network. No computer is needed.

To ensure maximum security, the button on each Home Plug AV device in the network must be pushed within 2 minutes of the first one being pushed. More units can be added later, though - details are in the manual. You do not need to reset the whole Home Plug AV network. 1 network cable included.

Remember, you will need at least two HomePlug devices to form a HomePlug connection. More HomePlug AV devices can be added to further share your network.



Wallmount type and power voltage range of 85 to 265 VAC 50/60Hz
HomePlug AV 1.0 compliant and Co-existence with HomePlug 1.0 Nodes
Support QAM 1024/256/64/16/8, QPSK, BPSK, and ROBO modulation schemes
PLC Up to 200 Mbps data rate on the power line.
128-bit AES Link Encryption for PLC
Windowed OFDM with noise mitigation based on patented line synchronization techniques improves data integrity in noisy conditions
Dynamic channel adaptation and channel estimation maximizes throughput in harsh channel conditions
TDMA and priority-based CSMA/CA channel access schemes maximize efficiency and throughput
Integrated Quality of Service (QoS) Enhancements: contention-free access, four-level priority based contention access, and multi segment bursting
ToS and CoS Packet Classifiers 
Supports IGMP managed multicast sessions

Chipset Intellon INT6400

HomePlug AV 1.0
IEEE 802.3       10/100 Ethernet (100Mbps)
IEEE 802.3u     Fast Ethernet

Co-exists with existing HomePlug 1.0
PLC Rate 200Mbit/s
Encryption 128-bit AES
QoS Support contention-free access, four-level priority based
contention access, and multi segment bursting
Support VLAN Priority
Support ToS and CoS Packet Classifier
Dimensions Packing Box: 15 x 18 x 9.5cm
NOTE : Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Power Pack Utility - for setting passwords if required. It covers all Windows operating systems only. It also shows connected HomePlug and the link quality Download here 05.12.11
User Manual Download here  
Declaration of Conformity Download here 27.07.11
Home Plug Alliance Technical White Paper for Home Plug AV Download here  
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