Published: 20/07/2016 2:27 pm
Last Edit: 20/07/2016 2:43 pm

The Solwise Way

Please use the menu on the left to navigate around the Learning Centre; this is an area where we can share our knowledge with you on the products we sell and the technology in general along with keeping you up-to-date with news and new product releases.

What we do
Solwise do technical distribution. By this we mean that we do more than just shift boxes. All our products are carefully selected to represent the best value for money within their sector. If we can’t offer something special in a product range we don’t carry it. We also understand our products. Whether you need help selecting a product before buying, or help to get your system working when it arrives, we will be able to give quality advice. This is because we are a small company and care about your business, as well as ours.

Who we are
Solwise Ltd has been around since June 1991, some people have come and gone but in the main the Solwise people have tended to work here for a long time. You are likely to speak with the same people each time you contact us.  We don’t have a long complicated telephone answering menu system; more often than not whoever answers the phone can answer your question or quickly get you to someone that can.  You can rely on our friendly technical sales and back-up to make you super confident in your dealings with us. Our internal expertise is why many of our long standing customers say they’d find it hard to do what they do without us!

Meet The Solwise Team