How to change APN settings

How To Change APN Settings in Teltonika Routers

When a 4G router connects to a mobile network, it uses an Access Point Name (APN) to establish a connection to the Internet using the mobile carrier’s network.
More specifically, the APN is the name of the gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile network.
On a related note, 3G, 4G, and 5G can also be known collectively as LTE or Long-Term Evolution.
The APN itself is presented to the carrier and determines what type of connection should be used, and what IP address should be assigned to the wireless device.
Mobile networks typically use carrier-grade NAT (Network Address Translation) for IP distribution in order to avoid exhaustion of IP addresses, otherwise, you would greatly limit the number of users that can connect to a mobile network.
Unfortunately, this makes port forwarding impossible, so often a VPN service is used instead.
In layman terms, when you insert a data SIM card into the router and power it up, it will attempt to connect to the mobile network, and if the APN supplied is valid, you will be granted Internet access.
All current Teltonika routers have a function called Auto-APN which is enabled by default, is designed to choose the correct APN for the inserted SIM card.
However, if you are using a SIM card from a less known network, or a subsidiary, you might need to manually specify an APN in order to connect to the network.
It is also worth noting, that if a SIM card has never been activated, i.e., it has never been connected to a mobile network before, then you might need use it with a mobile phone first to establish a connection, and then insert it into the router for it to work.
This is rare but is a step in troubleshooting a 4G router that is not able to connect to a mobile network.


Manually Specifying an APN Setting

However, if you still find that the router still does not connect to the mobile network automatically, you may need to manually specify the APN setting.
For example, for a RUT model.
Navigate to Network / Mobile / General and untick the Auto APN checkbox.
Next, select the -- custom -- option from the dropdown menu, which will add a new Custom APN field.
In that field you want to type in the APN setting, in this example, it is without quotes "everywhere" which is the APN for EE.
Click Apply once done.


screen shot

Alternatively, for a RUTX model.
Navigate to Network / WAN and select the MOB1S1A1 or the mobile interface associated with the inserted SIM card using the pencil icon.

screen shot

Next, under General Setup, untick the Auto APN toggle, select -- Custom – which will create a new field called Custom APN.
In here, type the APN setting, again this example is using without quotes "everywhere".
Once done, click the Save and Apply button.

screen shot

Some Common APN Settings for UK Mobile Providers.

Vodafone – internet

EE – everywhere

Three Network –