EnGenius Lifetime Warranty - Neutron Solution Product Range

Lifetime Warranty

EnGenius Networks Europe have a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the EWS Neutron* product series for product sold after 1st May 2017. To enjoy this warranty, you need to register your EnGenius products on the EnGenius website. Without registration, they will only offer 2 years standard warranty.

Please note that this Limited Lifetime Warranty is only offered in the EU.  

Warranty Policy: http://www.engeniusnetworks.eu/warranty-policy

Registration Form: http://www.engeniusnetworks.eu/limited-lifetime-warranty-registration


EnGenius have not set a registration deadline to give you more 'time- frame flexibility' but you do need to apply within the 2 years of the standard warranty.

*Do double check that your Neutron device is included in this offer by using the links above.