EnGenius Lifetime Warranty - Neutron Solution Product Range

Lifetime Warranty

EnGenius Networks Europe have launched a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the EWS Neutron* product series for product sold after 1st May 2017. To enjoy this warranty, customers need to register their EnGenius products on the EnGenius website 1st of May 2017 onwards. Without registration, they will only offer 2 years warranty as standard warranty.

Please note that this Limited Lifetime Warranty is only offered in the EU.  

Warranty Policy: http://www.engeniusnetworks.eu/warranty-policy

Registration Form: http://www.engeniusnetworks.eu/limited-lifetime-warranty-registration


EnGenius have not set a registration deadline to give you more 'time- frame flexibility' but you do need to apply within the 2 years of the standard warranty.

*Do double check that your Neutron device is included in this offer by using the links above. Some end-of-life products are not included but we do still have some available for sale.