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AC2000 - IP COM Access Point Controller

  • Easy to configure, manage and monitor APs
  • Maximum AP managed number up to 512
  • Remote manage multi branch AP and AP controller
  • Built-in captive portal server and customised welcome page
  • Access device type and customer behaviour statistics
  • Unified management indoor and outdoor APs


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The IP-COM AC2000 is an Access Point controller designed to provide network solutions for small and medium sized businesses such as hotels, schools etc.  Features include SSID, Security key, RSSI threshold, Client limitation, VLAN,output power, Client isolation, SSID isolation, 5G band steering. A built-in captive  portal server allows the AC2000 to deliver Wi-Fi Marketing features including customised welcome page and redirect page, 3000 users authentication system, connected device type and user statistic.  All these features help the administrator to install, manage and monitor APs at a single location more easily.

Abundant wireless feature management

The AC2000 comes with abundant wireless feature management including  editing AP's name, SSID, Security key, RSSI threshold, Client limitation, VLAN, output power, Client isolation, SSID isolation, 5G band steering. Moreover you can monitor AP and clients online status after all the set-up is finished.

Multi branch AP and AP Controller Management

The AC2000 can manage Access Points and the controller remotely over the Internet which helps the administrator manage and monitor multiple branches or locations more easily.

Multipurpose Wi-Fi Marketing System

Captive authentication supported
Built-in 3000 user authentication server
Customer welcome page and redirect website
Connected device type and customer behaviour statistics

Easy to deploy, Easy to manage

The AC2000 is of 19 inch rackmount design.


Download Specifications Datasheet
Mounting Rack Mount
Dimensions 294*197.8*44mm
Hardware Specification
Protocols & Standards IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Ethernet Ports Five 10/100/1000 ports
CPU Dual-core Processor
Flash 512MB
Total Power Consumption 24W (full load)
Certification CCC/FCC/CE/ROHS
Software Specification
Default Managed APs 256
Maximum Managed Aps 512
Maximum Clients 3000
VLANs 48
Controller Comparison Table Download here 07.11.17
Firmware which fixes 'navigation links' missing on the captive portal setup. Download here 20.03.17
High Resolution Images Download here 25.01.17
User Guide Download here 25.01.17
Cloud Management Download here 25.01.17
Root Management Download here 25.01.17
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Video - Introduction to the IP COM managed WiFi Solution & AC2000