With the massive increase in handheld wifi clients (phones, tablets, etc) that has occurred in the last few years there is now a huge demand for companies, hospitality and educational establishments to offer some form of WiFi connectivity. Usually this is to facilitate internet access but it might also be as a business tool for an internal network. As such, the days when an establishment can get away with relying on the WiFi from a single wifi router are over with.

Invariably you need to implement s system of multiple access points scattered across the site in order to offer complete coverage. However once the number of installed APs gets beyond two or three then using a system of individual setup and configuration of each AP can become a problem. An Access point Control Management system simplifies maintaining settings, configuration, and firmware for a collection of access points. Using a centrally managed AP+controller scenario saves time and also reduces the risks of configuration errors or mistakes.

In the past Managed AP systems have been at a price level only acceptable by the very large education or corporate customer. The new A/C Managed units from IP-Com now offer incredible low cost management controllers which, combined with a range of very affordable access points, means the system price for a managed system is well within reach of even the home or domestic user.

IP-Com offer two controllers suitable for up to 32 or 256 access points which are able to manage a complete range of indoor access points including ceiling mount, in-wall mount, 2.4GHz, dual band 2.4/5GHz and even the new 11ac 5GHz bands. IP-Com now offer packages to suit every budget from larger home set-ups to large educational scenarios.