Curriculum: Training & Instruction Videos

Before you consider this training we would expect that you have a basic level of IP Networking. If you don’t have an EnGeniusa demo kit you may wish to invest in one as you proceed through this training. Please email for details on demo kit special pricing.

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Video Module 1: Presentation - EnGenius Controller Managed Solution powered by ezMaster


47.46 minutes long

Overview of what Managed Wireless Solutions are

Key Features

Overview of the EnGenius Managed Solution

Management Platforms

Solution Components, overview of the hardware

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Video Module 2: Managed WiFi Hardware Introduction

12.18 minutes long

Show-and-tell of the hardware, the switches, the indoor units and the outdoor units

Features overview

Solwise Video



Video Module 3: EnGeniusTraining – overview

1hr12 minutes long

Presentation on set-up and configuration of the EnGenius Controller Managed Solution

Solwise Video



Video Module 4: EnGenius Training – hands on demonstration

1hr 15 minutes long

Hands-on demo, live configuration and set-up of the EnGenius Controller Managed Solution

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Video Module 5: ezMaster Training Part I – download and installation

23.31 minutes long

Download and installation of the ezMaster Software

Solwise Video



Video Module 6: ez Master Training Part II – features and functions

1hr 1 minute long

Presentation on ezMaster – covers background and set-up procedures

Features, Usage and Functions of ezMaster

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Video Module 7: ezMaster Training Part III live configuration and set-up

47.08 minutes long

Live configuration and set-up of the ezMaster software

Solwise Video



Video Module 8: ezMaster V1.0 (c1.9) Updates and Extra Features (Sept 2018)

4.31 minutes long

EnGenius Video showing the C1.9 update features