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Case Study - Shawfield Primary School

Shawfield Primary SchoolShawfield
Primary School
UK Case Study

Shawfield Primary School is a small, friendly primary school in Surrey Heath, in the County of Surrey and has 230 pupils and teaching staff. At Shawfield they strive to ensure that all the pupils reflect their motto ‘We Shine’.

With school budgets falling, a robust cost effective WiFi solution was required with all the benefits of an Enterprise solution but at a budget the school could afford. Most importantly there had to be no ongoing costs.

The IT Technician Brian Hooper commented “This is a very easy solution to use and its intuitive management provides good analytics of the users across the site”.

Case Study - IT@Spectrum

Tech company
UK Case Study

Since the move into their state-of-the-art new building IT@Spectrum share the Neutron solution with their sister company with the number of users increasing by almost 50%.  There was also a requirement to give guest access to the event space, often with events hosting up to 100 users!

Jim Barrett, Software Support Manager of IT@Spectrum commented "The 4 original AP’s provide impressive coverage for the new larger space we now occupy. The original configuration was only changed to present SSID’s for our sister company and a guest network, all on separate VLAN’s. The Neutron’s user friendly and simplified user interface provided this with ease"

He went on to say "Ongoing management of the system is kept to a minimum with things like firmware updates a breeze.”

Case Study - Midwest Internet Solutions

Midwest Internet Solutions
ezMaster, Managing a nationwide network with a single system
US Case Study

Midwest Internet Solutions (MIS) is a nationwide full-service provider of High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) systems for some of the nation's largest hotel chains. Their customers mainly consist of hotel and property management companies, and their services are customer and guest-focused. MIS utilizes EnGenius' solution in over 300 locations. EnGenius device deployment sites include Best Western, Holiday Inn Express, Choice Hotels and Wyndham properties. The company is located in Overland Park, Kansas, with offices in Dallas and Boston.

The Solution: 1000+ Devices Easily Managed With ezMaster!

This is an undeniable time saver and benefit to MIS, particularly when you consider how many EnGenius devices they have out in the field:
• 950+ Neutron Access Points
• 60+ Neutron Switches
• 300 Deployment Locations Nationwide

Case Study - Bishop David Brown

Bishop David BrownHever Castle
Castle, Hotel, Tourist Attraction
UK Case Study

Today Hever Castle, set in 125 acres of parklands and gardens, is a major visitor attraction. It is open to the public and has 5* accommodation set in the Astor wing comprising 28 rooms and suites and a four bedroomed cottage surrounding, all set around the castle. It has numerous themed events during the year, whilst hosting large corporate events and weddings.

As a luxury venue, Hever Castle prides itself on its first class facilities to guests, and attracting a larger number of visitors every year, the existing WiFi had outgrown its ability to cope with the increasing numbers of users. The EnGenius Neutron Solution was tasked to provide high availability and high through-put for both "guest" and "corporate" users.

Case Study - Bishop David Brown

Bishop David BrownBishop David Brown School supplied by Cavendish Communications
Secondary School
UK Case Study

Bishop David Brown School is a mixed secondary school on the outskirts of Woking and with 575 students it is rapidly expanding.  A refurbishment project was completed in August 2016. The refurbishment included an extension to provide two new classrooms, four new Science laboratories, two ICT room, a Textiles classroom as well as the refurbishment of ten English and Maths classrooms.

At the heart of the refurbishment was the requirement for a new WiFi system to replace an existing solution that was poorly performing and not meeting the teaching requirements for an ever expanding number of pupils whose IT requirements were becoming more intensive with new client devices being added to the network on a monthly basis. In addition to that there was also a requirement for outdoor WiFi to cover the external playing fields and gardens for Sports Days and other potential learning activities.

Bishop David Brown’s ICT Technician John Dickinson commented “The EnGenius WiFi was up and running in just one day. There were no problems and it has performed exactly as we were told. There has been a good cost saving to the school enabling us to buy more tablets for students”

Case Study - Portmeirion

PortmeirionPortmeirion supplied by Criccieth TV WiFi Solutions
Village and Hotel Resort
UK Case Study

Portmeirion is one large network running both the WiFi system and the TV System through it. The network gives blanket coverage to Castell Deudraeth Hotel, Portmeirion Hotel, Portmeirion Village Outdoor for day visitors / guests, and 72 rooms in the village including cottages

Every single cable is hidden as the site is all Grade II listed!  WiFi Access Point’s on the outside of building are mounted flat with the EnGenius Neutron dual-band managed units painted the same colours as the buildings they are mounted to. A discreet but usable WiFi system is extremely important in terms of meeting customers’ expectations for the wireless access but still being mindful of the historical importance of Portmeirion Village. There is even an access point hidden in the top of the tower!

Case Study - Eastwell Manor Hotel

Eastwell Manor HotelEastwell Manor Hotel supplied by Cavendish Communications
Luxury Hotel
UK Case Study

Gary Parrett of Eastwell Manor said “It’s great to have a system that makes managing easy and allows for a great user experience, Eastwell is all about providing our customers with the best available.”

During the installation, it was commented that “the controller flagged up 2 firmware upgrades were available, using the one click upgrade this was completed successfully, and the next lot of access points were added with no hitch. Very impressive!”

Case Study - White House Academy

White House Academy SchoolWhite House Academy supplied by Cavendish Communications
Primary School
UK Case Study

'For their wireless solution they were looking for coverage throughout the whole school. The curriculum was to be delivered by the use of ‘Chromebooks’. With this in mind there was an obvious need for a secure solution. They also would like guest access but security was their priority so they would not have the guest access at the cost of good security.'

'Having the manufacturers UK representative showed good support from the manufacturer and the supplier. Questions could be answered instantly and it showed White House Academy that Cavendish Communications could offer them excellent support.'

Case Study - Lima Christian School

Lima Christan SchoolLima Christian School supplied by US reseller Keenan Systems
Prep School
US Case Study'

"We were looking for a system that would be easy-to-deploy and manage and would support our high-density client environment," explained Thompson. "I also wanted to be able to have multiple SSIDs so that I could have students on one network and faculty on another."

"The competitor's products were not user-friendly when it came to configuring the APs, whereas the EnGenius system was almost stupid easy."

"I like the cluster feature where we can add access points and configure them so they're treated as one giant network," stated Thompson. "With the competitor's solution, we basically had pockets of access points. When we moved from one access point to another, we'd lose connection and have to reconnect."

Case Study - Quakertown Christian School

Lima Christan SchoolQuakertown Christian School
Pre-school ~ High school
US Case Study

EnGenius Neutron Series "Makes IT a Utility" While Providing Affordable, Managed Wireless Connectivity to Support Cyber Curriculum

"Being a small private school, we have to watch every penny we spend," Herr said. "We looked at a variety of solutions and manufacturers. We had a limited amount of money and I was looking for a solution that would get me the most out of the few dollars that we had. EnGenius seemed to offer the best performance to cost ratio."

"The ability to centrally manage the network, the ability to run VLANs over the APs,and the fact that there are no subscriptions required to manage the products were among the main reasons we selected EnGenius."

"The Neutron Series solution has allowed me as an IT director to have a single point of control, a single point of monitoring," "The EnGenius solution has helped me by greatly minimizing the amount of attention that I need to pay to my wireless network. It returns to me time every day that I can devote to more productive activities."

Case Study - Candlewood Suites

Candlewood SuitesCandlewood Suites supplied by US reseller Cierra Digital Communications
79 room extended stay hotel
US Case Study

"We initially installed the switch and mounted four of the access points in the ceilings and fired it up," said Miller. "The signal was huge everywhere with just four of the access points hooked up!" After deploying the rest of the access points and configuring them through the EWS5912FP switch, he found the signal coverage throughout the property to be "five bars of signal everywhere." He also stated that installation of the system was quick and easy and took a total of only two hours.

The Neutron Series provided a level of range and performance that has established EnGenius as the wireless vendor of choice Cierra Digital Communications. "This was the first system from EnGenius that we've deployed, but we're really, really happy with the product," Miller exclaimed. "I told the hotel management that I want to hear about any issues at all, even a small glitch in the wireless network, but there have been absolutely no complaints. Whenever we get a replacement order, EnGenius is what we're putting in!"

Case Study - Quality Inn

Quality InnQuality Inn supplied for US reseller Keenan Systems
Owner operation two floor Hotel with 50 rooms
US Case Study

The EnGenius Neutron Series is an ideal affordable solution for businesses that need a managed solution with business-class features, but do not need to have all of the features of an enterprise-class solution.

According to Keenan, despite not having an IT background the hotel owner was able to quickly install the Neutron Series Wireless Management Solution without any issues and turned the system over to the management company which handles the actual network monitoring and management remotely from their corporate office.

The EnGenius Neutron Series Wireless Management Solution deployed quickly and has eliminated all of the guest complaints regarding network connectivity and performance throughout the property.

"The ability of the EnGenius Neutron Series to be deployed by a person without an IT background and centrally managed from a corporate headquarters or management company makes it an ideal solution for many small businesses such as this,"

Case Study - MIT Consulting

MIT ConsultingMIT Consulting
Canadian reseller
US Case Study

"We put in five APs and experienced better than expected coverage," he said. "We were actually able to also get coverage in the atriums and front foyer area in the front of the building where people hang out and have lunch. They were considering putting in outdoor access points to provide network access from the atrium and the back courtyard, but we were able to get coverage penetration in those areas without even having to deploy the outdoor APs."

Deploying the Neutron Series system provided the customer with the reliable, high-performance, managed network while also saving them money."From a cost perspective, the Neutron Series was about 30-40 percent cheaper than going with an enterprise-class solution for the single site," Zevulunov said. "That was a major costadvantage."

"EnGenius has started something pretty impressive with the Neutron Series," said Zevulunov. He said that the Neutron Series has the ability to become a significant competitor to higher-priced, enterprise-class solutions for companies that are looking for a cost-effective solution that provides the performance without the "sticker shock."


Case Study - Symbio

MIT ConsultingSymbio Lighting & Control
US reseller of automation and security systems in large luxury homes
US Case Study

"We need the performance of a Cisco or Ruckus product at a lower price point."

According to Walker, the EnGenius Neutron Series was very easy to deploy, saving Symbio money by decreasing the setup time and reducing the number of access points they needed to install. "Our old network had 4 or 5 access points," Walker explained. "We took those out and replaced them with three EnGenius APs and it covered the whole house."

"After we installed the Neutron Series, all of the wireless issues went away and all of the network monitoring issues went away as well,"

"The Neutron Series gives us the reliability and performance of an enterprise-class wireless networking solution at a lower price point, making it an ideal addition to our systems in the large homes of our high-end customers,"

Video Case Study: Geyserville New Tech Academy