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Billion UK Solwise/Billion 7560A Home Plug ADSL Modem Router
ADSL Modem Router with 14Mbps Home Plug built in. Powerline ADSL VPN Firewall Router Home Plug, Quality of Service Control, Helium 500/400 chipset.

Powerline networking at up to 14 Mbps data rate
QoS Control for traffic prioritization and bandwidth management
High-speed Internet access with ADSL up to 12 Mbps
High performance VPN With 3DES accelerator, throughput up to 3.5 Mbps
Ease of Use with Quick Installation Wizard and Auto-scan ADSL settings
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) compliant
SOHO Firewall security with DoS prevention and SPI
Parental Control with URL Content Filtering and Packet Filtering
Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)
4 port switch
Available Syslog monitoring
Ideal for residential users

More information on powerline networking can be found in our powerline section

Includes: 1.8m ADSL modem lead, 1.8m LAN cable, Setup Guide & 1 free plug splitter.



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Download full specification datasheet
(please note the datasheet and manual include details for the 7560g which is not available)

Powerline Networking at up to 14 Mbps Data Rate
The BIPAC 7560series support Powerline interface, it provides instant networking at up to 14 Mbps data rate by using existing power wall jacks in your home

QoS: Keep your net connection fast and responsive
QoS gives you full control over which types of outgoing data traffic should be given priority by the router, ensuring important data like gaming packets, customer information, or management information move through the router at lightning speed, even under heavy load. You can throttle the speed at which different types of outgoing data pass through the router, to ensure P2P users don't saturate upload bandwidth, or office browsing doesn't bring client web serving to a halt. In addition, or alternatively, you can simply change the priority of different types of upload data and let the router sort out the actual speeds.

High Performance Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection
The router support embedded VPN protocols, including PPTP client/server, IPSec (IKE, 3DES and AES) and L2TP within IPSec, for establishing a private encrypted tunnel over the public Internet to ensure transmission security between two or more sites. With built-in DES/3DES accelerator, the router enhances the IPSec VPN performance significantly.

High-speed Internet Access with ADSL
The router complies with ADSL2 standards for worldwide deployment and supports downstream rates of up to 12 Mbps and upstream rates of up to 1 Mbps. It is designed for small office, home office and residential users, enabling high-speed Internet connections.

SOHO Firewall Security with DoS and SPI
Along with the built-in NAT natural firewall, the router also provides advanced hacker pattern-filtering protection. It can automatically detect and block Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, such as IP Spoofing, Ping of Death, etc. The router is built with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) to determine if a data packet is allowed through the firewall to private LAN.



If you are comparing the BIPAC-7560 to the old SAR-804P, the extras that the 7560 offers are:

1. QoS (Incoming and outgoing), this is an excellent feature for VoIP, Gaming....
2. Better Firewall (DoS, SPI, packet filtering)
3. URL Blocking
4. VPN Termination
5. Full UPnP

Firmware Version 5.05 Download here