Solwise, EnGenius and 11ax (WiFi-6)

We are pleased to announce the next phase of WiFi has arrived at Solwise in the form of the all new 11ax (WiFi-6) EnGenius EWS357AP.  Powered by Qualcomm Technologies' chipset, the EnGenius EWS357AP is built to deliver an enterprise quality WiFi service to budget conscious small and medium sized organisations.

EnGenius is a leading provider of best in class data solutions and this new member of the EnGenius Managed Solution family brings next-generation cutting edge features to budget conscious small and medium sized organisations.  Early adopters will no longer have to wait to take advantage of enterprise-level features. The 2x2 11ax access point fulfils the WiFi connectivity demands of small and mid-size organisations by:



  • Matching the needs of the majority of today's clients, which are 1x1 and 2x2
  • Establishing advancements within a network without demanding a signification restructuring
  • Supporting existing and future device and application needs
  • Being backward-compatible with legacy WiFi

See full specifications for the EWS357AP:

EWS357APEquipped with Qualcomm Technologies newest chipset, the EWS357AP features 11ax technology, which deepens and expands the capabilities of WiFi as well as fortifies small and midsize business networks. The new 11ax technology (WiFi6) builds upon real world deployment of 11ac. The next generation WiFi 11ax is no longer just about speeds but also about stronger, steadier and more efficient wireless connections.

The EWS357AP is packed with enterprise-level management features, such as mass configurations of access points, so businesses can quickly and easily install future-proof devices into existing networks. Loaded with new advanced hardware components and support for power computing the access point runs more efficiently and consumes less power making id ideal for SMBs. They can also immediately deploy the EWS357AP into existing switch infrastructures without suffering a major blow to their budgets or resources. The EWS357AP is covered by the EnGenius Limited Lifetime warranty*


.Lifetime Warranty

* Limited Lifetime warranty