What is WiFi 6E?

WiFi 6E is the latest wireless technology standard and is an iteration of WiFi 6. It shares all of WiFi 6’s regular great features such as an extremely high wireless throughput capacity (up to a theoretical maximum of 9.6Gbps), advanced MU-MIMO technology (for stronger performances with many simultaneous users) and an expanded channel width of 160MHz (for reducing channel traffic).

ECW336 WiFi 6E AP from EnGenius
ECW336 WiFi6E access point from EnGenius

However, whereas WiFi 6 only works across the old standard frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, WiFi 6E comes with the key advantage of also supporting the newly-opened 6GHz frequency band.

The opening of the 6GHz frequency band is an extremely exciting development for various reasons and WiFi 6E will be able to take advantage of it to achieve wireless performances that have never been possible before in a home environment, with speeds easily in excess of 1Gbps being unhindered by the usual problems of spectrum congestion and facing latencies of less than 1 millisecond.

It should be noted that 6GHz signals will have a shorter range and lesser surface penetration than those of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, so WiFi 6E devices will still make full use of these older standard frequency bands to achieve optimal coverage all around a network environment.

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