WL-USBWIFIRPT-3000A WiFi around the Caravan or Motorhome




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WL-USBWIFIRPT-3000AH - Solwise USB WiFi Router/Repeater

  • 11n 300Mbps WiFi USB Router/Repeater
  • USB Wireless Card USB Port
  • Share the campsite WiFi inside your Motorhome or Caravan
  • 5dBi Antenna included
  • Reverse SMA Connector
  • WPS
  • Wall mountable

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The USB WiFi Router/Repeater is designed to support an Outdoor USB Antenna and can be used to connect to any WiFi network.

The setup routine takes just a couple of minutes and once a connection is established with the neighbourhood WiFi network the USB WiFi Router relays the internet to its own private WiFi service. Set-up is completed in your browser which means this device is suitable for any operating system.

For example, this kind of set-up makes it ideal for sharing a campsite's WiFi network inside your Motorhome or Caravan.
A high gain USB/antenna like the Solwise Patriot boosts a weak site-WiFi signal to a single USB equipped device - such as a Laptop.
The addition of a USB WiFi Router enables this boosted signal to be shared amongst all your WiFi devices.

In fact, the USB-WiFi-Repeater can be partnered with any USB WiFi antenna based on the Qualcomm Atheros Communication AR9271 chipset.

This product is sometimes referred to as WiFi Booster, WiFi AP Repeater, Access Point Repeater, WiFi Extender. 

A mains power adapter is included. This USB WiFi Router can also be powered from a 12V caravan supply using the 9V car adapter listed in the accessories.

Chipset QCA9531
Standard IEEE 802.11n/b/g (2x2)
Frequency 2.142 – 2.484GHz
Flash/SDRAM 16 MB /  128 MB
Data Rate 802.11n: up to 300Mbps
802.11g: up to 54Mbps
802.11b: up to 11Mbps
Antenna 1x detachable antenna
1x internal antenna
Power requirement DC Jack 12V
Passive PoE 12-24V
Security 64/128bit WEP
WPA(TKIP with IEEE 802.1x)
WPA2(AES with IEEE 802.1x)
WPA Mixed
802.1x authentication
Dimension(mm) 93 x 70 x 26 mm
Weight 74g
Specifications subject to change  
Firmware to allow the 3000AH to support the
Download here 14.01.2022
Set-up Guide Download here 09.09.2020
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Practical MotorhomePractical Motorhome

Create your own WiFi hotspot with Solwise
Sept 2012


Patriot range Video

Video:The Solwise Patriot range


The Patriot Podcast

Video Podcast - A discussion on the Solwise Patriot range

This podcast sees Louise and Daniel discuss the Solwise Patriot range. The Solwise offering to suit your outdoor WiFi requirements whilst on the move is centred around the Patriot range. We have 2.4GHz and Dualband (2.4GHz/5GHz) devices that connect using USB or Ethernet, depending on your requirements. The units are available on their own or in kits. These WiFi adapters are ideal for your motorhome, caravan, leisure boat, home office, summerhouse or garage. With flexible mounting options, you can use the Patriot devices in a temporary location or a more permanent position to give you the most flexible way to get an internet connection.

Article - Using Solwise Patriot kits to extend WiFi networks, by  Daniel Coombs

Article - Using Solwise Patriot kits to extend WiFi networks, by Daniel Coombs

With the internet becoming an ever more important part of our day-to-day lives, there is more of a demand than ever before for strong, reliable WiFi signals. Unfortunately, WiFi has several key weaknesses when it comes to range, distribution and penetration which means this isn’t always possible, particularly when it comes to an external WiFi signal having to penetrate through surfaces such as the exterior of a vehicle or building. Such cases include being inside a caravan on a campsite, being inside a boat at a marina and being inside an out-building remote from your house.
Article - The Connected Camper, by  Louise Barrett

Article - The Connected Camper, by Louise Barrett

Real world article from Louise Barrett of Solwise on how she uses Solwise USB kit when away with her family in their Motorhome.
Legs Down

(Get Your) Legs Down



Read the article here
Independent product review by Richard Easy at (Get Your) Legs down.

'In the week or so that we’ve been using this we have found it invaluable. At our recent Twittercamp meet, five units were able to share one connection – one was even able to use a Now TV box thanks to the strength and stability of the signal. On our current site, my laptop struggles to pick up the site WiFi on it’s own, but through the aerial and router it’s fine – I’ve even been able to upload the video that will accompany this blog. It’s very quickly become an essential part of our caravanning kit as bloggers and I wouldn’t be without it now.'

Article - What is a Wireless Repeater - Sometimes referred to as WiFi Booster, WiFi AP Repeater, Access Point Repeater, WiFi Extender.

Article - What is a Wireless Repeater - Sometimes referred to as WiFi Booster, WiFi AP Repeater, Access Point Repeater, WiFi Extender.

A Wireless Repeater is a piece of equipment that takes an existing wireless signal and repeats the signal from the wireless repeater. The cost of having a WiFi repeater is that the signal is halved each time it is ‘repeated’. This means that if you have 100mbps throughput at the point of origin, you will have 50mbps at the first repeat, 25mbps at the second and so on.
Wireless repeaters are best used in open areas where there is less interference from objects as wireless signals, in general, are not great at penetrating through objects or walls.
For providing temporary wireless coverage around your home or to cover a blackspot a wireless repeater is a good solution, however, if you need higher throughput than the repeater will offer you may wish to consider a HomePlug solution.