Antenna Choices for your Vehicle

Antenna Choices for your Vehicle

The Solwise antenna range has traditionally contained antennas that have been mounted on a pole or on a wall/building/portable building but in more recent times we are seeing more antennas used on vehicles. These include a wide range of vehicles such as cars, buses, lorries, caravans, motorhomes, boats, barges and even a space agency, an F1 team, mountain rescue teams and a defence contractor have all bought antenna hardware from us so who knows where some vehicle antenna have ended up!

Across our range we offer permanent and temporary solutions for antennas to mount on your vehicle; these antennas cover WiFi solutions and Mobile Data Solutions which means we have something for most situations.

Solutions for on the move

Patriot AntennaSolwise Patriot Antenna:  offering USB or Ethernet connections for 2.4GHz WiFi or USB connection for a 4G connection the Patriot is an ideal solution for a budget option or if you are looking for a temporary solution whilst moving from site to site.  The Patriot is the antenna solution of choice in the Solwise range for the caravanner or motorhomer who regularly visit different sites; it is a simple to use solution, especially ideal for those new to setting up WiFi connections on their travels. Taking the WiFi and 4G Patriot versions on your holidays covers you for where the signal is stronger over one frequency. Please note the 4G Patriot does require a data SIM.

Mounting brackets offered with the Patriot include suction cups for attaching to a caravan or motorhome, jubilee clip or U-bolt for attaching to a pole or handrail which is ideal for boats. Alternatively, you could make a permanent installation by screwing the unit to a wall, ideal for the garden office/bar!

The WiFi USB Patriot has a kit option to use with a router for sharing your internet connection with more than one device, see our website for more details on this option.

RUT router and XPOL antennaAnother temporary solution to consider would be the Poynting XPOL-1 for 4G/LTE frequencies. Whilst this antenna is overwhelmingly used in permanent locations it is supplied with suction cups allowing you to mount it to a window or to your caravan/motorhome/barge/boat.  If you are unsure as to the location of the cell tower, which you often won’t know whilst travelling, the XPOL-1 is a great choice of omni-directional antenna. It comes with two five metre cables for terminating, inside your unit, on your chosen router. Here at Solwise this antenna is often purchased with the Teltonika RUT240 or RUT950 4G routers. Occasionally it is taken to connect to a MiFi device which users tend to purchase from their mobile solution provider. We offer suitable adapters for this purpose but you must ensure your MiFi device has external antenna connectors. When using an antenna and router combination for 4G frequencies you must make sure you have a suitable data SIM.

For a more permanent solution the ‘PUCK’ Antenna offers a neat solution for adding an antenna to your van, truck or even your motorhome.  The PUCK

PUCK Antenna
PUCK Antenna

antenna range, from Poynting, offer antenna for 2G/3G/4G/LTE antenna (5G Ready, includes 3.2GHz to 3.8GHz) as well as versions that cover dual band WiFi and GPS / GLONASS.   The PUCK range of antennas come with versatile mounting options included with each pack.

As well as the PUCK style vehicle mount antenna Poynting also offers a vehicle antenna using similar frequencies but in a larger housing, ideal for big lorries, larger motorhomes,

MIMO-1 Antenna
MIMO-1 Antenna

buses and coaches. The MIMO-1 and MIMO-1-1 antennas offer you dual band WiFi, 2 x LTE and GPS & GLONASS.

On these lower profile style antennas, the MIMO-1 has a better performance at the lower 4G & GSM 900MHz frequencies whilst the PUCK antenna has a better coverage gain in the majority of the 3G/4G/LTE frequency bands.




Technical Data: 

Technical Data

Choosing the correct antenna relies upon several factors, one of these factors is the frequency band that the antenna will be operating on for most of its operation. Below is a table of current frequency bands used by the major UK network operators.

Frequencies used by major UK Networks:

Table 2


Solutions for on the high seas

Poynting Omni 402 in situ
Poynting Omni 402 in situ

Poynting OMNI-402 Marine AntennaAntennas for use on inland waterways are one thing but what about something for the high seas where performance, quality and weather protection is key? Poynting marine antennas are robust and all weatherproof for harsh conditions at sea.  Many of the marine antennas are 5G Ready, where they cover the 450MHz LTE/CDMA bands and/or 3.5GHz LTE/CBRS bands which are starting to become available internationally.   

Poynting has designed the marine antennas for harsh environments from not only an electrical performance point of view but also from a mechanical & environmental perspective.  UV and Salt-water resistant the marine antennas give you IP68 protection and have marine proof fixings.  Additionally, there is a good range of mounting brackets giving you the flexibility of where you wish to mount the antenna on your vessel.  With these antennas, the vessel owner will not need to replace or upgrade their antennas to benefit from the new 5G technology and frequency bands.


MIMO-3 – New Product

MIMO-3 in situ
MIMO-3 in situ

The Poynting MIMO-3-V2 series of antennas is designed for the transportation market, and is already fully weatherproof and suitable for marine applications. The MIMO-3-V2 series of antennas provides a single antenna radome housing with a combination of LTE (450MHz – 3.8GHz), WiFi (2.4GHz & 5GHz) as well as GPS/GLONASS ports. The newly released version 2 of this antenna now offers a variety of mounting options ‘out of the box’.







By Louise Barrett, Solwise Ltd with a contribution by Keith Bloomer of Poynting Europe.