Using a Teltonika router with a Poynting antenna

Have you found yourself working from home only to discover your home broadband is insufficient for your needs?
Do you operate a business in a rural area with poor broadband speeds? 


If so, then a Teltonika mobile router in conjunction with an external Poynting antenna may be precisely the solution you need to achieve suitably strong network speeds.



RUT950/XPOL1Teltonika mobile routers operate by taking in the local mobile signal, typically 4G, and re-broadcasting it as a WiFi signal for phones, tablets and computers to pick up on and use much like they would with any standard broadband router. These routers have internal SIM trays requiring a data-only SIM card from your mobile provider.



To get the optimal performance out of the Teltonika router, an outdoor antenna should always be used. Our Poynting range of outdoor antennas includes a wide variety of options, from standard omni-directional wall-mount antennas to directional antennas to those designed to mount directly onto vehicles such as lorries, boats, caravans or motorhomes.



Omni-directional antennas are the most commonly used in the UK, and generally the most recommended, because they can achieve a strong connection from the local mobile signal regardless of the antennas exact position and alignment (since it sends its beam out in 360 degrees). Directional antennas are much more situational - capable of achieving stronger connections than omni-directional antennas but requiring direct, unobstructed line-of-sight to a mobile mast in order to do so - meaning they don't work as well in many scenarios.



Omni antenna mounted on a boatIf you're situated in an urban area, perhaps operating a business or just working from home, then you'd be best considering a Teltonika 4G router and the Poynting XPOL range of antennas (either the omni-directional XPOL-1 or the directional XPOL-2 depending on whether you have line-of-sight to a mast). The XPOL antennas excel at picking up reliable signals and their cross-polarised nature means only one needs to be used in a system.



In a more rural environment, maybe working from home or running a venue, our recommendation would be to use a Teltonika router with a pair of the Poynting OMNI-292-V2 antennas. These antennas are the most efficient in rural areas where the mobile signal can often be weak and limited, being able to strongly collect a 4G signal from all of the UK frequency bands that are currently in-use in rural areas. This simple solution allows you to achieve network speeds just as fast in remote, rural areas with poor broadband prospects as you might get using a broadband connection in a built-up, urban area.

See the Teltonika routers - from the traditional best selling RUT950 to the latest offering, the RUT360. Options include single and dual sim offerings, machine-to-machine routers for industrial use, additional Ethernet ports for added flexibility, latest CAT6 LTE routers giving opportunity to use them for failover where continuity of service is key.

Teltonika RMS

Teltonika offers a remote monitoring solution giving fleet users added flexibility of what is going on with their installations.


See the full range of Poynting antennas - for 3G/4G and the latest 5G offerings we have an antenna for all occasions be it for your home, office, portable building, motorhome, canal boat or even your ocean going ship! Different mounting options are available to give you added flexibility of where antennas are mounted along with additional extension cables for each installation.

Whatever your requirement we will be happy to advise and guide you on what we feel is best for your situation, whether this is a single antenna/router solution for home or a 1000 antennas for your fleet.

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