Poynting and Teltionika, the perfect partnership

Solwise, Teltonika and Poynting

Two of our long-term partners, Teltonika and Poynting, are now partnering up themselves! We have been long term advocates of the Teltonika/Poynting hardware, often ‘kitting’ the routers and antennas together ourselves to make the buying process easier for our customers. We are really pleased to see this partnership blossoming and are excited for what is to come.

Teltonika commented "This is a story about the IoT ecosystem. A story about two companies that champion connectivity coming together to help a Brazilian rally team win a 5000km rally and a Dutch traffic innovator bolster road workers’ safety.  How did these happen, and what made us want to collaborate with Poynting, our South African partner, in the first place? "

Read the full story on the Teltonika Blog and discover what it's all about.

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