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Teltonika OTD140 Outdoor 4G LTE Router & Antenna

  • 4G/LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G Outdoor Router
  • Ingress protection rating IP55
  • Auto Failover - Dual SIM with auto-failover and other switching scenarios
  • 1 x POE-in port & 1 x POE-out port
  • 2 x RJ45 Ethernet ports, 10/100 Mbps
  • 2x Built-in omni antennas
  • 18-month warranty
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Remote Management System available - click here for free demo

  • Do you need a fixed IP SIM?

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    TL-OTD140 Teltonika Outdoor 4G LTE Router

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    TL-OTD140 & 12 Months Remote Management System Credits

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The Teltonika OTD140 outdoor router features a dedicated and durable IP55 plastic housing with an integrated mounting bracket for mounting vertically on a flat surface or for pole mounting.  This outdoor 4G router is easy to deploy and capable of withstanding outdoor environmental conditions with its IP55 rating.

The dual-sim Teltonika OTD140 outdoor router is equipped with LTE Cat 4 connectivity, compatibility with RMS for remote management capabilities, and benefits from two PoE-in/out Ethernet ports.  With the 2 built-in omni antennas this unit is ideal for your outdoor connectivity needs.



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Mobile module 4G (LTE) - LTE Cat 4 150 Mbps DL, 50 Mbps UL; 3G - 21 Mbps DL, 5.76 Mbps UL; 2G - 236.8 kbps DL, 236.8 kbps UL
SIM Switch 2 SIM cards, auto-switch cases: weak signal, data limit, SMS limit, roaming, no network, network denied, data connection fail, SIM idle protection
LAN 2 x ETH ports (can be configured as WAN), 10/100 Mbps, compliance with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, 802.3az standards, supports auto MDI/MDIX crossover
POE Ports 1 x POE in
1 x POE out
POE Max Power per Port (at PSE) 24 W Max (power supply unit dependent)
Connector RJ45 Socket
Power Consumption Idle: < 2.5 W / Max: < 6 W / PoE Max < 21 W
Ethernet 2 x RJ45 ports, 10/100 Mbps
Status LEDs 3 x Mobile connection type
3 x Mobile connection strength
4 x ETH status LEDs
SIM 2 x SIM slots (Mini-SIM – 2FF), 1.8 V/3 V
Antennas 2 x Internal antennas
Antennas specifications

1 x 698 - 960 / 1710 - 2690MHz, 50 Ω, VSWR <3.5, gain <3 dBi, omnidirectional

1 x 698 - 960 / 1710 - 2690MHz, 50 Ω, VSWR <3, gain <4.5 dBi, omnidirectional

Reset Reboot/User default reset/Factory reset button
Casing material Plastic (PC+ASA)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 110 x 49.30 x 235 mm
weight 855 g
Mounting Options Mounting Bracket (for vertical flat surface or pole mounting)
Operating Temperature -40 °C to 75 °C
Operating humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Ingress Protection Rating IP55  IP Ratings Explained
Monitoring & Management RMS Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) 
RAM 128 MB
FLASH Storage 16 MB
Quick Start Guide Click here 08.03.2024
User Manual Click here 08.03.2024
Download Specification Datasheet Download here 08.03.2024
Sales Flyer Download here 08.03.2024
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Video - Podcast Teltonika’s Outdoor 4G Router OTD140

Video: Podcast - Teltonika’s Outdoor 4G Router OTD140

Louise is joined by Daniel in this episode of “A Word from the Wise” where they discuss Teltonika’s first outdoor router the OTD140. Find out how it is powered, how waterproof it really is and why this may be the router for you.

Video - Teltonika OTD140 Outdoor Router water test

Video: Teltonika OTD140 Outdoor Router water test

Watch as Teltonika test the ruggedness of the OTD140, from an unexpected splash to a deliberate dousing at a car wash, watch as they demonstrate the router's remarkable water and dirt resistance. Learn about the IP55 standard and see firsthand how this device stands up to extreme conditions while keeping the stream alive.

Remote Managemant System Explained

Remote Management System Explained

Teltonika’s Remote Management System (RMS) is a powerful online IoT platform, allowing users to remotely monitor and manage all their compatible Teltonika devices. From 4G routers to IoT gateways to Access Points, RMS can be used to control a wide variety of Teltonika devices with great convenience.

Article - IP Ratings Explained, by  Daniel Coombs

Article - IP Ratings Explained

IP ratings, or Ingress Protection ratings, are a standardised benchmark of how capable a product is of withstanding ingress from foreign entities that could negatively impact its functionality. They’re helpful because terms like ‘weatherproof’ and ‘waterproof’ are unspecific terms and don’t always convey the necessary level of detail – waterproof on one device can mean it’s capable of withstanding rain. In contrast, on another device, it can mean being capable of complete submersion in water for extended periods.