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Teltonika - BLE Sensor to track temperature, humidity, movement, magnet detection

  • EYE app - Easy-to-use Teltonika mobile app for configuration, data scanning and updating
  • Sensors - Temperature, Humidity, Movement, Magnet detection sensors
  • 5+ years battery life, 600 mAh capacity
  • Up to 80 metres connectivity range via Bluetooth
  • IP67 Protection casing
  • 18-month warranty

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The EYE-SENSOR is a compact, low-energy bluebooth tracker with a built-in sensor designed by Teltonika. Fitted with a robust IP67 casing and a 5 year battery life to guarantee long-term reliability, this sensor sends out a bluetooth signal, with a unique ID, containing crucial information to a server where it can be monitored.

The EYE-SENSOR is configured and monitored via a Teltonika mobile app, designed to be quick to set-up and use even for those unfamiliar with this kind of technology. Along with the basic monitoring of each Sensor via its unique ID number, the EYE-SENSOR software also enables other useful features Low Level and High Level parameter alerts, wherein alerts are sent out to designated personnel once one of the tracked sensor readings reaches a certain level that requires immediate intervention.

The EYE-SENSOR has a wide variety of use-cases. It can be used for ID signal transmission, real-time temperature monitoring, humidity monitoring and internal battery level tracking. Similarly, the EYE-SENSOR can also be used to monitor the movement and angle status of whatever it's attached to via a built-in accelerometer. This makes it extremely useful when used in storage areas for perishable goods that require a certain temperature, or when used with remote equipment that needs a certain battery level to operate, or when used alongside fragile and valuable assets during transport where stability is required.

The EYE-SENSOR can be used either indoors or outdoors depending on the needs.


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Beacon ID
Magnet detection


ST Microelectronics BlueNRG-2, Microcontroller


Bluetooth 4.2 compliant, Bluetooth 5.2 certified
80 m range
Up to 8 dBm transmission power level
-88 dBm sensitivity

Battery and Power

Type Lithium / Manganese Dioxide
Capacity 600 mAh
2.5+ years of battery life - (Tx=2 dBm; interval: 3 s)
4+ years of battery life (Default) - (Tx=2 dBm; interval: 5 s
5+ years of battery life - (Tx=2 dBm; interval: 10 s)


IP67 protection
Two mounting points on each side

Environmental Requirements

Operational temperature: -20 °C / +60 °C (-4 °F / +140 °F)
Humidity (non-condensing): From 0% to 100%

Protocols Compatibility

*iOS doesn't show devices with iBeacon protocol
EYE Sensor

Dimensions 56.6 mm x 38 mm x 13 mm
Weight 18g
Bluetooth operating frequency 2.402 - 2.480 GHz
Bluetooth antenna gain (peak) 1.2dBi
Specification Datasheet Download here 24.04.2023
Quick Start Guide Download here 24.04.2023
Comparison Table - Beacon Vs Sensor Click here 24.04.2023
Video - Ep13 - A Word from the Wise – A discussion on the Teltonika Industrial Trackers

Video: Podcast – A discussion on the Teltonika Industrial Trackers

Steve joins Louise in this episode of “A Word from the Wise” in which they discuss the new Teltonika Trackers the EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor. Steve explains the differences between the two and what scenarios they could be used in, including keeping track of power tools on building sites, helping to boost retail sales through Bluetooth notifications to customers, and keeping track of temperature in climate control-sensitive rooms such as warehouse fridges.

Use Cases - Temperature Tracking with BLE Sensors

Use Cases - Temperature Tracking with BLE Sensors

The compact and lightweight EYE Sensor has to be attached to temperature-sensitive cargo items to be tracked and monitored - the protective bag, outer corrugated carton, container, barrel, pallet, etc. The vehicle GPS tracker receives readings from each sensor over the air at configurable intervals and sends this data as iBeacon or Eddystone profile to a server for analysis combined with the actual temperature, humidity, and its GNSS location details.

Use Cases - Waste Containers Tracking with BLE ID Beacons and Sensors

Use Cases - Waste Containers Tracking with BLE ID Beacons and Sensors

When a waste collection vehicle is nearby and sensors are within range of a Bluetooth signal, the FMC130 tracker will register these events and transfer the data to a dedicated server, confirming the fact that containers have been moved, lifted, and emptied.

Use Cases - Management of Heavy-Duty Vehicles with BLE Accessories

Use Cases - Management of Heavy-Duty Vehicles with BLE Accessories

Angular movement tracking allows operators to monitor the real working hours of heavy machinery and its’ employees, instead of just idling. Angular data of the sensor may be compared to an engine working time to objectively evaluate how much time the machine and driver were actually working, and how many hours it spends idling and simply wasting fuel and profits.