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We have been supplying antenna from Poynting for over 10 years and they have become a very well respected brand in the UK and Europe in that time. Their XPOL1 4G Omni antenna is actually our best selling product and one we have had on the books since 2013; in this day and age that is a long time for a product lifespan in the tech industry.

Poynting are one of our key brands, their 3G and 4G antenna range compliment the Teltonika range of routers nicely and as we head into the new period of 5G offerings the new XPOL2-5G is proving very popular too along with the PUCK2 and PUCK5. We don't have the whole Poynting range on our website however if you see something they offer but we currently don't do get in touch as we can easily source it for you. We often do special order items for resellers and customers and the lead-times are generally pretty good.  Poynting offers a great range of quality antenna including specialist items for tunnels, mining, vehicles, marine all over 3G, 4G, 5G and WiFi frequencies. Poynting offers a good selection of specialist brackets for their antenna too along with cables to complete the set-up.

What Poynting say about themselves:
"Poynting is a top global provider of integrated antenna solutions. We innovate, design and manufacture market-leading products used in wireless communication. Established as a consultancy in 1990, Poynting evolved into an official PTY in 1997 and in 2001 established Poynting Antennas. Poynting supplies antenna solutions for wireless high speed data applications. We provide solutions for 3G/4G/5G and LTE, GPS and Glonass, IoT LoRa and Sigfox as well as RFID and WIFI applications. Our antennas are used in all industry sectors that require wireless communication whether it is residential, automotive, industrial and IoT solutions. We also have a specialised antenna solutions for the marine, mining and tunneling markets.

Poynting exists for advancing antenna applications: its name is derived from the Poynting vector, a directional measure of energy in an electromagnetic field. This focus has made it one of the world’s leading innovators of antenna products. Poynting owns more than 50 patents and designs, used widely in its unique antenna solutions for enhanced wireless communications for LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, RF and other applications."

White Paper/Article: Rural Wireless Connectivity: A Big Problem With a Simple Solution?
Rural Wireless Connectivity: A Big Problem With a Simple Solution?
As European mobile network operators are starting to plan new 5G networks, millions of rurally located consumers and business are still struggling to receive adequate 4G wireless connectivity. A quick and inexpensive solution for many of these rural customers is to upgrade the antenna that is fitted to their router.

Download this Poynting Antennas report to learn:

• How can the wireless performance be improved by simply changing an antenna.
• What are the factors that should be considered when choosing an antenna.
• What MIMO technology is and how it can improve antenna performance.

Heli Antenna Range
Heli Antenna Range
Poynting have an established history of providing circular polarised antennas for mine tunnels internationally. The MinePoynt (HELI) range of antennas are well established for several years and deployed in many mines and tunnels in Europe, Australia, Africa, USA, Canada and other countries internationally. With the high demand in underground antennas, and for new technologies such as WiFi-6 and LTE/5G, Poynting have developed a new range of antennas that offer both dual-band 2.4/5GHz and LTE/5G mine tunnel antennas in a smaller size enclosure.  Read more on this here:

See the range we stock currently:

Video: Getting to the Poynt: A guide to antenna implementation & considerations
This webinar was presented by Dr Andre Fourie on 27 Feb 2018. The following were discussed:
Factors affecting your RF experience
Choosing the correct type of antenna
Antenna implementation considerations.

Newsletter Spotlight on Louise Barrett
Our very own Louise recently appeared in the Poynting newsletter in the Spotlight on Distributors section, read a little bit about her here: