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"The EnGenius WiFi was up and running in just one day. There were no problems and it has performed exactly as we were told. There has been a good cost saving to the school enabling us to buy more tablets for students" John Dickinson, Bishop David Brown School

Solwise have been importing EnGenius hardware into the UK for almost 20 years but much of this has been for linking buildings over long distances or for setting up WiFi on campsites, industrial parks, marinas and the like. In more recent times EnGenius introduced their Managed WiFi system, which has been very successfully installed into schools, office buildings, and hotels.

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Who are EnGenius and why should you trust them with your school’s WiFi solution?

EnGenius International was established in 1995. EnGenius supports the industry's most comprehensive product lines for enterprise WiFi, combining the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver secure, scalable, high-performance WiFi solutions with a low total cost of ownership. EnGenius is a brand of Senao International Co., Ltd., founded in 1979 and a public company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Focusing on data networking and wireless voice communications products, Senao is a global leading supplier of SOHO and enterprise-class communications equipment. Over the last 20 plus years, millions of Senao and EnGenius devices have been sold to more than 70 countries and have earned the company a reputation of being leaders in long-range, reliable, and affordable wireless communications products. EnGenius is positioned as a wireless solution provider founded on a strong background of research and development.


Give episode 2 of our podcast "A Word from the Wise" a listen, to hear two members of the Solwise team discuss in detail the ins and outs of how engenius managed solutions work and why they would benefit your school.

Video Podcast ep2 EnGenius Cloud Solution


Why migrate to EnGenius?

Schools and Colleges are encouraged to migrate to the EnGenius Managed Solution to increase student and staff productivity providing network users with a new level of efficiency, freedom and flexibility.

The EnGenius Managed series has no licence fees!*

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